Mapping Your Career Options as an INFP

Because INFPs often struggle to decide which career best suits their value system, they may benefit from concretely mapping out the pros and cons

that are associated with various potential professions.

Before  going into this  exercise,  the  INFP should consider  the  following questions:


What is the minimum amount of money you need to make each year in order to feel financially secure?

Which cognitive  functions  do  you want to  highlight in the  work place?

What education (or qualifications) do you already possess and are you willing to acquire further education if necessary?



What Education Is Required For This Career?      
What Is The Average Salary Of This Career?      
Which Of Your Cognitive Functions Would This Career Highlight?      
Which Of Your Core Values Correspond To This Career?      
Which Opportunities For Growth And Advancement Does This Career Offer?      
Use 3 Adjectives To Describe How You’d Feel On Your Worst Day At This Job      


There are a seemingly infinite number of questions one ought to ask oneself when considering which career to pick. But for the idealistic INFP, it may be particularly important for them to stare down the least attractive qualities of the job they are considering—as this type is often quick to consider the best parts of a given field of work, but may mentally gloss over the more cumbersome aspects.

At the end of the day, the key to workplace success for the INFP will always be passion. If this type believes strongly and unwaveringly in the work that they are doing, there will be almost no task too difficult for them to accomplish and no barrier they cannot surmount.

While many INFPs may find themselves tempted to follow the ‘traditional’ work paths that their parents or mentors suggest for them, they must not forget that at the end of the day, caring is the INFP’s superpower. And that to waste their lives at any job that they do not feel inspired by would ultimately be doing themselves and the world around them a great disservice.