25 Messages INFPs Share What They’d Tell Their Younger Selves

“Don’t be ashamed of how emotional you are. The emotional depth you have is a strength, even though it can sometimes make you vulnerable.”


“Don’t ever let somebody discourage you from following your dreams. If you dream big and work hard, they will materialize into something extraordinary.”


“__Y__our life is not a movie and you’re not the main character. No one cares about what you do, say, or think as much you believe. And this is a good thing. Let go of silly insecurities and quit worrying about the future. Learn to appreciate the here and now and let go of the past. Also… those emo lyrics away messages will NOT win your crush over.”


“I would tell my younger INFP self to not take everything so personally and to go easier on myself. I was a very self-critical little kid and adolescent and would blame myself if anything about my grades, behavior or looks didn’t add up to what I idealized in my head. I was very anxious throughout middle and high school and struggled with self-image and perfectionism. It stemmed from these self-idealized notions of how I was supposed to be not matching up with who I really was, a dreamer. Trying to be like everyone else, I pushed down my creativity and spontaneity that I had when I was very young. It was not until college that I started to allow myself to just settle into who I was again.”


I__t’__s OK not to have all of your ducks in a row. Discovering your wisdom, strength, talents and interests may take years. Which is 100% OK.”


“Don’t shut everyone out of your life. It’s okay to be cautious with sharing your heart, but if you want to make any lasting relationships, you have to be vulnerable sometimes. Realize nobody expects you to be perfect, and in the end, what people think doesn’t decide whether you live a successful life.”


“__Y__ou truly are different. How you think, act and are is a rarity amongst your peers. Don’t hide or dull that by fitting in. Accept it, develop it and own it.”


“The most important piece of advice I could offer an INFP is that not everyone else feels with the same intensity as we do. This is not to say that everyone is cold and emotionless compared to INFPs, more so that the over- emotional reaction that I would have to a situation isn’t a universal response. I used to walk through life on eggshells because I was terrified that I would hurt people’s feelings the same way little words and actions had the power to shatter my day. I think INFPs are so often perceived as pushovers and meek because to hurt someone’s feelings is the worst insult imaginable, so staying quiet and keeping the peace is a much easier option. It took delving into the MBTI and gently testing the boundaries to work out that I could stand up for myself, voice my opinion and say no when I needed to, and other people wouldn’t be personally offended. Your opinion (even if it’s the one other don’t want) isn’t going to create that emotional tsunami you’ve been dreading.”


I__t’__s okay if you aren’t whole. It’s okay to be a little broken. You are not your broken pieces. You are how you put them back together.”


“__Y__ou are not wrong, you are different. The inability to stay on task can be a strength. Don’t give up on your imagination! It’s going to be a huge strength. Being sensitive is not a weakness, it is a strength.”


“__Y__ou have a lot to give. There will be people who don’t know how to handle it, people who don’t want it and people who don’t understand it. This is not


y__our fault and giving love is one of your biggest strengths. So don’t get discouraged.”


“Stay active! Do not become your feelings! Keep taking action and stop being so afraid of rejection! You can do it and it will feel great once you start being more action oriented. You can do so so so much more than you think!”


“Don’t be afraid to open up to the ones you trust. They’re your friends, they’ve proved themselves to you. Tell them you love them, don’t lie when you’re not okay, don’t hold back because you’re afraid how they’ll react. Let go and open yourself up without guilt.”


“Don’t let your dislike for confrontation stop you from speaking your mind every once-in-a-while—your feelings are important and need to be expressed.”


“__D__o what it best for you! It’s as simple as that! Don’t wait for any miracles or signs, they may not come. So stop procrastinating and waiting to ‘feel’ like doing something.”


“__Y__ou know those things you get offended about but you know you shouldn’t? Turn it into an intellectual problem and try to figure out the fifty other reasons the person said it instead of just ‘they hate you.’ People are usually more complex than that. You definitely are.”


“Don’t be afraid to follow your heart or to do the work you are truly called to do. Don’t buy into the common social constructs of ‘achievement’ or ‘success.’ You define those things differently. And that’s a good thing.”


“__Y__ou are completely fine, you just see and interact with the world in a different way that 95% of the people in the world! When you find someone who understands you, don’t lose them. Always learn from others and stay true to yourself.”


“Feeling deeply, idealism, and caring about people makes it easy to be ruled by guilt, disappointment, and approval: DON’T DO IT. Don’t let this world make you hard, and don’t let the imperfections of life and relationships make you cynical. Don’t let it steal your hope.”


“I’m glad you have not been jaded by what you see around you. Being that inner child back then was so much more effortless than right now. Keep that enthusiasm up!”


“__Y__ou will feel like you need to hold back every thought and emotion and action that you want to share, but you shouldn’t, because they matter.”


“Learn to listen to your own inner voice because that way, the opinions of others won’t be so important. Self-validation is a far better fuel source than external validation. And loving yourself will mean you can love and support others better anyway.”


“Learn boundaries early. Once you control what you let into your life, you will be able to enjoy people more. Don’t compare yourself to others. You can be different.”


“Being an introvert is a wonderful thing. But remember to experience the world outside of yourself too. It is important and where you will spend your existence.”


“__D__on’t stop yourself from feeling—but don’t let it destroy you. You were born to care too much and love too much, so do that. The people that matter will see the beauty in it, the ones that don’t will go away.”