Is “Doing Your Best” Still Not Enough? Advice

When you are doing everything you can think of, truly trying your best to do what you have been told is supposed to bring you success, and success does not come, it is easy to feel defensive, and eventually even angry at those who are displaying evidence of the success you desire. You even fnd yourself sometimes condemning their success simply because it is too painful to watch them living the success that continues to elude you. And it is for this reason—in response to this chronic condition in the fnancial affairs of your culture—that we offer this book.


When you come to the place of openly condemning the fnancial success that you crave, not only can that fnancial success never come to you, but you are also forgeiting your God-given rights to your health and happiness as well.


Many actually come to the incorrect conclusion that others in their physical environment have banded together in some sort of conspiracy to keep them from succeeding. For they believe, with all of their heart, that they have done everything possible to achieve success, and the fact that it has not come must surely mean that there are some unfriendly forces at work that are depriving them of what they desire. But we want to assure you that nothing like that is at the heart of the absence of what you desire or of the presence of things you would like to remove from your experience. No one ever has or ever could have prevented your success—or provided it. Your success is all up to you. It is all in your control. And we are writing this book so that now, fnally, once and for all time, your success can be in your deliberate and conscious control.