Enneagram Type Seven relationship with Enneagram Type Seven

Enneagram Type Seven with Enneagram Type Seven


Why the Attraction?

  • As with all double type combinations, Sevens sense a deep rapport with each This is a fun, constantly on-the-go relationship. Sevens have a hard time finding people who have as much energy and optimism as they do or are as spontaneous and adventurous as they are so when they find each other it is as if they’ve find the ideal mate, well playmate at least. Sevens both love to travel and entertain and are interested in anyone or anything new and exciting. Both have quick, agile, active minds with incredible curiosity about people and the world. This enables them to become multi-talented, even Renaissance people, which they appreciate about each other because neither of them is one-dimensional or boring. In fact, boring is the one thing they can count on each other to NEVER be!
  • Sevens find each other to be stimulating conversationalists and pleasant company on their frequent They are both independent but love having their partner and other people along to enjoy in the fun. Both understand each other’s hesitancy to commit because they like to keep their options open. Sevens are extremely fun-loving and playful and often funny. They enjoy bantering with each other and laughing their heads off. Sevens are also people of action and idealism. They often share a vision for a better world and, when healthy, they make sacrifices to bring their vision into reality.


Some Shared Positive Traits

  • Are self-confident, spontaneous and idealistic
  • Can be radiantly happy, exuberant, positive and optimistic
  • Enjoy sharing their happiness with others
  • Have a lot of energy and live life to the fullest
  • Can be productive and accomplished in many areas
  • Are freedom-loving, spontaneous and experimental
  • Are always seeking new, exciting things to do
  • Are sociable and outgoing; enjoy traveling and entertaining
  • Enjoy stimulating conversations and lots of laughter
  • Are open to new possibilities for learning, pleasure, fun
  • Generate lots of great ideas; have grand visions of how they can contribute to the world
  • Are fun-loving, free-spirited and enthusiastic about life
  • Are lighthearted, joyful and cheerful; they keep life upbeat
  • Are flexible and adaptable to changes
  • Are insatiably curious and multi-talented
  • Are quick thinking and highly imaginative
  • Are romantic and idealistic about love
  • Are resilient and recover from losses/grievances quickly
  • Can make great sacrifices to help people in need
  • Don’t impose rules or expectations on each other
  • Are grateful for the abundance in their life and anticipate a bright, positive future


Some Shared Negative Traits

  • Tend to avoid pain, suffering and negative feelings
  • Can be rude, make excuses and rationalize their behavior


  • Can be non-committal and ambivalent about relationships
  • Can be narcissistic, impractical, impatient and unrealistic
  • Fear being bored; can be unreliable, ungrounded, manic
  • Can be self-indulgent, self-serving and self-involved
  • Can be changeable, scattered, unfocused, undisciplined
  • Can too hyperactive, impulsive, escapist and unpredictable
  • Can be rebellious and Can feel superior to others
  • Can easily get overbooked; have difficulty finishing things
  • Vehemently resist being controlled and spurn restrictions
  • Can have difficulty sticking with deep emotions
  • Can miss out on enjoying the present moment


Potential Problems

  • Sevens can see each other as too: self-serving, changeable, unreliable, self-indulgent, overbooked, avoidant of painful feelings and difficulties, quick to rationalize behavior and make excuses, overbooked and having no connection, lacking responsibility for own actions, self-absorbed, narcissistic, acting superior, blaming and
  • Average to unhealthy Sevens can a little self-centered and self-absorbed so they may not listen well to eachother or pay attention to each other’s needs or
  • Sevens are idealistic, romantic and looking for someone extra-ordinary (like Fours). Deep down Sevens fearthey won’t be able to find what makes them happy in life and this can show up as disillusionment anddisappointment in their
  • Sevens are sensation-oriented and if they are self-centered and/or narcissistic also they won’t hesitate to “playthe field” once the initial excitement and attraction has worn off with their Seven They can alsorationalize and justify their behavior or make excuses very easily.
  • Sevens like to keep life light, bright and happy and tend to recoil from pain and negative Both can be escapists and gloss over difficulties or relationship issues.
  • Sevens can have problems if one of them is ready to commit and the other isn’t
  • Sevens can live separate lives if their social lives part
  • Sevens can be impulsive and impatient, insensitive yet overly sensitive; can say hurtful things they can’t take



For Sevens

  • You both like to be busy, on the go and do what you want to Both of you can be a little too self-involved so pay attention if your partner makes a request for something s/he wants to do. Try asking what your Seven wants to do.
  • Neither of you like to live a structured, routine life but the two of you in collusion could end up leading a scattered, undisciplined, out of control life if you are not
  • You may be tempted to “play the field” once the initial attraction has worn Without some discipline, you could easily rationalize cheating. If it could cost you the relationship you may want to think about the consequences before you make a foolish choice.