12 Benefits Type Two Enneagram in career satisfaction work

  1. Allows me to work with people who are kind, generous, thoughtful, loving, open and easy
    to get along with.
  2. Allows me to work with a boss who is sensitive to peoples’ needs, encouraging,
    appreciative, approving, and praises people for their good work and team spirit regularly.
  3. Lets me work in a warm, friendly, harmonious environment with lots of plants, sunshine
    and pictures of my family and friends.
  4. Allows me to collaborate, cooperate, bond, communicate and connect with people regularly.
  5. Lets me draw out the best in people by being able to see their innate goodness.
  6. Lets me bring more love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness into the world.
  7. Gives me lots of opportunities to make people feel good about themselves.
  8. Allows me to support, protect, care for, empower and help people (especially the
    downtrodden, oppressed, neglected, mistreated, abandoned, disadvantaged, weak, poor,
    old, young, demoralized, deprived, needy, underprivileged, etc). This is especially
    important to Twos with a One wing.
  9. Allows me to support and help powerful, influential people who are ambitious to do good
    and bring more love into the world (especially Twos with a Three wing and social Twos).
  10. Has meaning and value for me beyond a paycheck.
  11. Doesn’t require so much of me that I end up feeling drained constantly from overdoing
    and trying to please everyone.
  12. Doesn’t require me to suppress my own real feelings and needs.