Myers Briggs: What is it and How to type yourself very accurately

Mbti is the program running in your brain. By understanding MBTI, you can come to modify current and previously learned behaviors as well as have a better grasp of yourself.

What are “Preferences?”

Imagine a small computer program running in your brain.

Imagine that it suggests to you what you like and dislike.

Imagine it has a very strong influence on your natural behavior.

Imagine it determines if you prefer to be the outgoing “life of the party type,” or the quiet reserved, “prefer to read a book type.”

Imagine this software program determines whether you prefer to work alone, or with a trusted colleague, or if you prefer to work on a team or with a wide variety of people.

Imagine this program influences whether you prefer to be logical and analytical or whether you prefer to be more warm, caring, with a high level of empathy.

Imagine this program determines if you prefer complex theory and concepts, or the practical and tangible things you can touch.

Imagine this program having influence over the type of people you can get along with easily, and the type of people you will most likely have conflicts with.

Imagine this program influences whether you prefer to focus on the future, where you might like to spot trends, or whether you prefer to be focused in the present where you can make the best with what you have.

Imagine this program influences whether you prefer to have structure and discipline in your life, or whether you prefer flexibility and freedom from rules.

Imagine this program has an effect on whether you like to start projects well before they are due or whether you enjoy the excitement of being up against a tight deadline.

So Your 4 Letter Personality Type Describes:

  • How you prefer to do things
  • How you prefer to perceive and experience the world
  • How you prefer to make decisions
  • How you prefer to go through life
  • What you value

So, knowing this, how to you ensure your test results are accurate?

1) When you answer the questions think about what you do most often. 

For many questions you might say, well, I am like “A” sometimes and like “B” other times.

The test wants to know what you are like most often.

Each of us has at least a little bit of the 8 preferences in us. The difference is that you will use some of these preferences more often because they come more naturally to you.

What we are after is the preferences you use the most often, because that describes your Personality Type.


2) Answer the question as if you were back in high school or college.

Our 4 letter Personality Types are the most clear in high school and college.

As we get older, and more mature, we pick up “learned behaviors.” We intentionally modify how we behave in order to get better results and have a better life.

This “learned behavior” can mask or hide what your “True Personality Type” is.

So when the test asks you a question, think back to when you were in high school or college.