How The Myers Briggs Types Flirt – Thanks Johnny Earnest for sharing

Thanks Johnny Earnest for sharing this in INFJ group…Good laughs!

How The Types Flirt

ESTP: Here are my genitals, wanna touch? No? Anybody else?

ISTP: I would like to allow you to be around me for a while. BUT NOT FOR TOO LONG, BITCH.

ESFP: Let’s talk about myself while doing shots. Please let me follow you around. Oh, shiny!!!

ISFP: Don’t pay attention to me (please pay attention to me *single tear)

INTJ: Would you like to hear my theory about the relationship between density and gravitational pull? No? Well, how it works is…

INTP: *Shuffles around nervously* Let’s talk about that thing we find mutually interesting in depth. Do you like comics? No. Movies? Yes?! So, I saw this movie and theoretically…

INFP: I won’t hook up with you, I’m pure, how dare you. (please pursue me so we can take a bath together then do BDSM)

ENTJ: You fascinate me. Can I ask you a bunch of questions?

ENTP: You fascinate me. Can I ask you a bunch of questions and make you laugh with my goofiness?ENTP2: Wait, you understood everything I just said? You are amazing! Date with me! **continues talking about the idea**

ENFJ: I love everything you love!!! Tell me about yourself so I can adjust my personality accordingly.

ENFP: I love you. I don’t know why I just know we’re connected.

INFJ: I can see you have a beautiful energy. Let’s go for a long walk and I’ll tell you about it.

ESFJ: Let’s go, like, shopping together for trendies! And then to church to confess our sins.

ISFJ: I did your laundry for you. Please keep me around.

ISTJ: *Nervous laugh* I would make a good partner for the following reasons

ESTJ: I think you’d get along well with my family, you should come to the country club this weekend

Before anyone gets offended, JOKE!

Anybody else?