As a Four, career satisfaction means doing work that…..

  1. Allows me to work autonomously or with a few people who are unpretentious, kind,
    respectful and thoughtful. I also want them to be accepting of my intensity, individuality
    and occasional moodiness.
  2. Allows me to work with a boss who is understanding, open-minded, genuine, and humanitarian.
  3. Is in alignment with my personal values, beliefs and ideals and has deep meaning and
    significance for me.
  4. Lets me manage my own time and work environment.
  5. Lets me have significant control and flexibility over the process and product of my work.
  6. Allows me to express my vision, originality and depth of feeling through my work.
  7. In some way helps other people improve/understand/appreciate themselves and their
    precious, beautiful life (especially people that are suffering spiritually, emotionally and/or
  8. Brings to light the deep, dark, hidden, unconscious, shadow dimension of life that is so
    palpable for all Fours.
  9. Allows me freedom of personal expression through my chosen medium of unique creativity.
  10. Is done in a stress-free, peaceful, creative and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  11. Draws upon my intuition, self-awareness and profound spirituality.
  12. Makes use of my empathy and sensitivity to other people’s feelings.
    13.Allows me to emotionally support people through their darkest hours of trial and tribula