21 Natural Gifts and Talents of Enneagram Type Fours

As a Four, I have some, or all, of these natural gifts and talents that I take for granted:

  1. The ability to tune in to my inner states, subconscious feelings and impulses
  2. The ability to seek to understand myself deeply (and then help humanity do the same)
  3. The ability to see deep underlying principles of life and universal truths that escape most
  4. The ability to reveal deep, hidden, subtle truths about the human condition that have profound
    affects on people because they are experienced universally but unspoken of (except by 4s)
  5. The ability to feel things deeply and share the depths of my soul with others, warts and all
  6. The ability to express myself in a highly unique, personal way
  7. The ability to create “works of art” (term used broadly) that are beautiful, poetic, touching
  8. The ability to look for and find meaning in every experience, especially the painful ones
  9. The ability to be touched deeply by beauty, kindness and love as well as sadness, sorrow and
  10. The ability to be sincere and authentic about who I am which gives others permission to be
    honest and real about who they are
  11. The ability to follow my heart, wherever it may lead
  12. The ability to help others grow and develop their potential
  13. The ability to find humor in my own faults and foibles (and help others see humor in theirs)
  14. The ability to see life in a highly unique, otherworldly, idiosyncratic, and often spiritual way
  15. The ability to help people view life from a more universal, metaphysical perspective
  16. The ability to pick up the feelings of people around me (because of my emotional sensitivity)
  17. The ability to console, comfort and support people in times of pain and sorrow
  18. The ability to listen well and empathize deeply with others
  19. The ability to create an ambiance of romance
  20. The ability to help other types get in touch with their deeper feelings
  21. The ability to beautify any environment (many 4s have this gift but some don’t)