practical consequences of socionics development in creation of socionic expert systems

The human civilization enters a new phase of its development, in which information
technologies, such as Internet, are determining. Socionics, in turn, offers psycho-informational
technologies, which allow human consciousness to be on the same level with achievements of
information and electronic technologies. It is known that when human thinking is behind technical
development of a society this result in huge quantity of social problems. Being an independent
organization, the International Socionic institute is open for cooperation with state, public and private
structures in training socionic technologies and their practical application. Existing and created
socionic technologies stimulate, in turn, development of new information technologies, and this
process goes with acceleration. It is obviously, that societies, countries, states fully using socionic
methods and technologies, receive significant advantage against sociums and states not using them.
The countries and societies, which could not or do not want to use socionic methods, can lose in due
course their advantage. At the same time for the developing countries, for the countries experiencing
the period of reforms, socionic technologies can become that real tool, which will help to make
qualitative jump in all spheres of activity of the man.


ð Interpersonal Relations and InterCompatibility in social communication systems;
ð Classification of personalities for Career-guidance or Attestation;
ð For leaders and business people;
ð Elective technologies, politology and ethnosocionics;
ð Knowledge of the human himself and his relations with other people;
ð For teachers and parents;
ð For inventors;
ð Socionics in medicine;
ð Formation of working groups for the given purposes, selection of the staff;
ð Analysis of information processes in management counters at the regulation of joint activities
(collective behavior), etc.