Enneagram Type Three’s Subtype Descriptions

Which subtype are you?

Type #3 Self-Preservation Subtype

This subtype is less driven than the other two subtypes to impress with their sex appeal (like
sexual 3s) or social status (like social 3s)
Can resemble 1s sometimes
• Hard working, productive, time efficient, goal-oriented, pragmatic (like 1s)
• Provide financial security and stability to others
• Keep physically fit and healthy
• Responsible, willing to make sacrifices, detail-oriented, thrifty (like 1s)
• Conscientious about planning for the future, for themselves and loved ones (like 1s)
• Good team players, get along well with others
• Keep up with latest developments in their line of work
• Continually learning and into self-improvement (like 1s)

• Workaholism and strong identification with their work (like 1s and 8s)
• Fear of scarcity
• Work long hours to preserve their security and mitigate anxiety (like 6s)
• May want the symbols of success (in the U.S. – a fancy car; a nice, big house in the best
neighborhood; designer clothes; name brands, etc.)
• May deceive themselves and others by projecting an affluent image
• Some can neglect relationships and/or health due to heavy workload
• Losing their job or assets, or an illness that stops them from working, can feel life
• Have trouble taking time off from work, relaxing or even slowing down (like 1s)
• At worst, anxiety attacks, work burnout and nervous breakdowns

Type #3 Sexual Subtype

Can resemble Sexual 6s because both are interested in strength (physical and/or intellectual) and
• Know how to look attractive: they workout, eat right, pay attention to style and grooming,
• Skilled at one-to-one relating because they are authentic and real rather than pretentious
• Some choose work that helps others become more attractive
• Ambitious and hard working
• Feel the need to be the ideal gender role model for their culture
• Want desperately to be perfect and ideal in every way but can’t play the different roles

• Try to allure and impress a romantic interest with their charisma, magnetism, success and
• Want to be envied for having a picture perfect relationship with a successful, attractive,
prestigious mate
• Cultivate whatever qualities valued others find appealing and desirable
• Seductive; desire to be valued, wanted and desired
• Alter their behavior in any way necessary to keep their partner interested in them
• Fear being able to live up to the image they are projecting (like Sexual 2s)
• Fear being rejected (like 2s and 4s)
• Crave yet fear intimacy due to hidden feelings of undesirability (like Sexual 2s and 4s)
• Identify strongly with their image; can be show-offs
• Pursue sexual conquests subconsciously believing they will bolster their self-esteem; they
• At worst, can be vindictive, promiscuous, jealous, exhibitionistic or even rageful

Type #3 Social Subtype

• Polite and diplomatic; self-confident and ambitious
• Excellent social and interpersonal skills; great networkers
• Get along well with individuals and groups that are very different from each other
• Charismatic and charming; outgoing and personable
• Give their time, energy and even money to improve conditions for people and/or the world
• They always have other people’s welfare in mind as well as their own
• They can be aware of group expectations but have enough self-esteem to do what’s best
for them
• Seek adulation and recognition from others
• Adapt and compromise themselves to look good and fit in
• Socially compare themselves with others; they’re strongly identified with their social role
• Maintain social standards of appropriateness at all times, even when speaking out is
• Like to be in high-profile positions; desire fame
• Credentials, degrees, titles, awards, certifications, licenses, etc. are extremely important
to have
• Having prestige and a good reputation is very important
• Believe they are only as good as their achievements
• Feel the need to prove themselves as anxiety about their social worth increases
• Can be overly competitive and self-promoting
• May even take credit for others work and/or exaggerate their success/fame/wealth
• At worst, become completely dishonest, phony, exploitative and desperate for attention