9 Things Type Enneagram Threes Can Do to Help Themselves Grow

  1. Stop from time to time and ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” Let your real emotions surface
    rather than denying them to be more productive.
  2. Learn to moderate your pace. Take time to slow down and detach from performance and
  3. Practice looking inward for your own identity apart from success and the expectations of
  4. Set limits and boundaries on work.
  5. Ask trusted friends to tell you when they feel you’re being inauthentic or fudging the truth to
    impress someone or make yourself look good. Ask yourself, “Is this who I am, or am I going
    for the image?”
  6. Really allow yourself to listen and be receptive.
  7. Realize that love comes from being, not from doing and having.
  8. Work on valuing empathy and connection as highly as status. Be more patient in dealing with
    your own and others’ feelings.
  9. Ask yourself what really matters to you, in your work and leisure, and make time to pursue it.