Careers That Especially Interest Threes Enneagram Type

Enneagram Threes can be found in many different occupations but there are certain occupations
that they are drawn to because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of
Any job that teaches people how to have it all and develop their full human potential.

• Executive coach
• Landmark Education leader
• Life coach
• NLP coach/seminar leader
• Personal development guru (likely
examples: Werner Erhard, Brian Tracy,
Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dale
Carnegie, Deepak Chopra, and many of
the Nightingale Conant authors)
• Success seminar leader
• Corporate trainer
• Writer (especially of books on how to
be successful, gorgeous, wealthy,
perfectly healthy or deeply spiritual )

Any job in the public eye (entertainment field, media, politics, big business, etc.)

• Actor/Actress
• Agent/manager (of star performers)
• CEO or president of a large
• Dancer (especially for music videos,
famous musicians, etc.)
• Director (stage, motion picture, TV)
• Disc jockey
• Film/TV producer
• Model
• Motivational speaker
• Movie star
• Performer
• Politician
• Professional athlete
• Radio talk show host
• Singer
• Sportscaster
• Talk show host
• TV anchor/newscaster
• TV broadcaster
• TV host/hostess

The American culture equates wealth with success so any job involving money, and
particularly making lots of it, appeals to some American Threes (especially Threes with
a Two wing or Threes that grew up feeling shameful of being poor).

• Most of the jobs from the “in the
public eye” section above
• Bank president
• Day trader (in the stock market)
• Financial planner/investor
• Multi-level marketer
• Real estate agent or broker
• Real estate developer
• Stockbroker
• Venture capitalist

Any job that is highly respected and valued in the culture of the Three is appealing. In
America, occupations requiring professional credentials, special skills or advanced
training are especially valued by Threes. In America some of those occupations are:

• All Ph.D. professions
• Architect
• Business executive
• Dentist
• Engineer
• Lawyer
• Medical doctor
• Minister
• Pilot
• University prof

• Veterinarian

Any job related to beautification or health or that makes a person look great is
appealing to Threes. Sexual Threes especially enjoy helping people maximize their

• Dancing instructor
• Fashion designer
• Fitness instructor or personal trainer
(preferably to executives, celebrities,
wealthy people, prominent people,
successful people or to “the stars”)
• Makeup specialist
• Model

• Nutrition counselor
• Plastic surgeon
• Yoga teacher (especially Threes with a
strong Four wing)

Any job involving networking, recruiting, marketing, sales, public relations or creating a
favorable, appealing image for a person or product attracts Threes.

• Advertising account executive
• Advertising agent or executive
• Advertising creative director
• Advertising promotion manager
• Entertainment agent
• Image consultant
• Internet marketer
• Marketing manager
• Marketing specialist/consultant
• Media planner
• Multi-level marketer
• Networking expert
• Professional athlete’s agent
• Promoter
• Public relations director/specialist
• Publicist
• Publicity writer
• Recruiter (especially talent recruiter)
• Sales agent (especially real estate)
• Sales manager

All leadership positions are appealing to Threes since they have the drive, ambition,
self-confidence and desire to lead and be the best!

• Administrator
• Captain
• Chief
• Chief officer (CEO, CFO, COO, CAO,
• Commander in chief
• Director
• Leader (especially in business or politics)
• Manager (especially in business)
• Military officer (sergeant, commander,
captain, lieutenant, admiral, general,
• Senior Pastor/Minister
• President of a company or country
(like the Three Bill Clinton)
• Principal
• Professional sports coach
• Superintendent
• Supervisor
• Vice President (with an

Being self-employed appeals to many Threes because they are hard working, organized,
efficient with their time, personable and know how to market and sell themselves.

• Entrepreneur • Small business owner


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