As a Three Enneagram, career satisfaction means doing work that…..

#1. Allows me to work with people who are goal-oriented, competent, optimistic, quickthinking,
action-oriented and motivated to be successful.

#2. Allows me to work with a boss who is enterprising, success-oriented and is on the lookout
to quickly promote high achievers with potential.

#3. Allows me to work with a boss that doesn’t micromanage, gives me freedom to take
initiative and even allows me to take some calculated risks with big potential payoffs.

#4. Is fast-paced, stimulating and results-based.

#5. Is prestigious (or at least well-regarded by society at large) and lucrative.

#6. Offers life-long learning, plenty of personal growth opportunities and unlimited potential.

#7. Offers managerial and/or leadership potential and allows me to move up quickly.

#8. Rewards drive, hard work, persistence and productive results, with public recognition,
financial compensation and promotion opportunities.

#9. Provides opportunity for me to network with powerful, influential people.

#10. Doesn’t require a lot of frustrating inefficiency or tedious detail work.