Type One’s Enneagram Subtype Descriptions

Which subtype are you?

Type #1 Self-Preservation Subtype

Can resemble 6s at times when they’re worried and anxious
Can resemble 4s at times when depressed and/or feeling misunderstood for their passionate


• Responsible and security conscious
• Good at planning everything out
• Great at saving and investing money
• Health conscious (exercise regularly, eat well, etc.)
• Interested in physical and material well being
• Orderly, organized, neat, clean
• Disciplined and regimented


• Anxiety, worry, physical tension
• Self-inhibited, repress their own wants/needs (and resent others for it)
• Choose a safe career rather than risk doing what they love
• Can be workaholics
• Procrastination
• Fear making mistakes, fear catastrophes
• Have too high expectations of self and others
• Fastidious, picky and finicky
• Can be hypochondriacs
• Inner tension between doing what they want versus doing what they feel they “should” do
• Rigid self-control (food, environment, health, etc.)
• Overprotective

Type #1 Sexual Subtype

Can resemble 8s at times with their capacity to express their anger easily
Can resemble 4s at times with their longing for perfect love


• Faithful and loyal
• Strong emphasis on fidelity
• Most unconventional of the 1s
• Can show healthy anger

• Supportive and forgiving
• Patient and forbearing
• Passionate
• Can be powerful and self-assertive (like 8s)
• Healthy reformer qualities


• Desire to find the perfect, ideal partner (like 4s)
• Unrealistically high expectations, easily disappointed when others don’t measure up
• Too intense for others
• Insecure, possessive and jealous (strong fear of abandonment)
• Often feel lonely, even when with others (like 4s)
• Critically and obsessively compare themselves to others
• Can question, challenge or check up on their partner when gone too long (like 6s and 8s)
• Obsessively think about their partner
• Judge their strong sexual urges/desires as “bad”

Type #1 Social Subtype


• Strong sense of social responsibility
• Desire to uphold and enforce rules for the good of all
• Can be reformers, advocates and crusaders
• Often drawn to politics and/or journalism
• Like to expose wrong-doing; willing to speak up and speak out
• Very sacrificial for a greater good or cause


• So focused on goals, mission, purpose that they can’t relate to people
• Not very adaptable; see things as black and white
• Can be rigid in their viewpoint
• Opinionated; believe they are the voice the “Truth”
• Take criticism very personally
• Hold people to exacting standards
• Can be self-righteous