10 Things Ones Enneagram Type Can Do To Help Themselves Grow

  1. Use resentment and suppressed anger and guilt as clues to your denied wants and needs.
  2. Appreciate that there is more than one right way to do things and that others’ “wrong” ways
    simply represent individual differences in approach.
  3. Learn to accept and forgive imperfections in yourself and others.
  4. Find a friend or therapist who can help you depersonalize issues for which you are blaming
    yourself or others.
  5. Join a group which encourages expression of immediate emotions, including anger, in a safe
  6. Notice your thinking in terms of either/or, right/wrong and include more sides to the story.
  7. Notice how you may procrastinate if you are worried about getting everything right down to
    the detail.
  8. Take time to observe the critical mind in action, and dis-identify with it – use it to remind
    yourself of your achievements and skills.
  9. Put play, pleasure and relaxation on your list of “oughts” until you can allow them for their
    own sake.
  10. Make “harmless” mistakes on purpose and notice the effect. Ask yourself if making a small
    mistake is really such a big deal.