Careers That Especially Interest Ones Enneagram

Enneagram Ones can be found in many different occupations but there are certain occupations
that they are drawn to because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of

Ones are often attracted to careers that involve truth, justice, law, order, and/or
reformation. Careers in civil service are especially appealing because Ones like to serve
and protect their community.

• Bailiff
• Child support abuse investigator
• Correctional treatment specialist
• Corrections officer
• Criminal investigator
• Environmental compliance inspector
• Environmentalist
• Federal marshal
• Fire investigator
• Fire prevention and protection
• Game enforcement officer
• Gaming investigator
• Government employee
• Highway patrol pilot
• Immigration and customs inspector
• Industrial espionage security officer
• Industry safety and health engineer
• IRS agent
• Judge
• Law enforcement officer
• Law professor
• Lawyer/attorney
• Leader of a movement
• Lobbyist
• Mail superintendent
• Military personnel or officer
• Missing persons investigator
• Paralegal
• Parking enforcement worker
• Police detective
• Police identification and records officer
• Police officer
• Political activist
• Politician
• Postmaster/postal worker
• Private detective/investigator
• Probation/Parole officer
• Security guard/officer
• Sheriff or deputy sheriff
• Social advocate/activist
• Special agent (e.g., CIA, FBI)
• Trade union leader
• Transportation security screener
• Unemployment fraud investigator
• Warden

Since Ones are unconsciously striving to be perfect and some feel a strong inner sense
of mission/purpose, they are often attracted to work of a spiritual or religious nature
where they can inspire the masses and/or be a humble servant.

• Chaplain
• Deacon
• Elder
• Evangelist
• Missionary
• Monk
• Nun
• Preacher/pastor/minister
• Priest
• Religious worker
• Theologian

Many Ones like to help people improve their lives by teaching, coaching, training,
educating or counseling them. Average Ones are interested in helping people to live
life the right way (as they see it). Healthy Ones are interested in helping people think
for themselves, become self-responsible and ultimately follow their own inner truth.

• Clinical psychologist
• Coach (life or business)
• Counselor (especially career, crisis,
employee assistance, substance
abuse and behavioral disorder, high
school guidance, child welfare,
outplacement, or pastoral)
• Developmental psychologist
• Educational consultant
• Educator
• Instructional coordinator
• Librarian
• Psychiatrist
• Psychotherapist
• Public health educator
• Religious educator
• Teacher (especially of humanities,
foreign languages, special education, English, art, music, social sciences, or
drama in high school or college)
• Trainer
• Tutor
• University professor

Ones are often attracted to careers in business where they excel in managing systems
and keeping things running smoothly. They are extremely organized, efficient and
thorough in keeping track of details. They don’t let errors or omissions go unnoticed or
uncorrected and like to double-check their work. They like to follow established ways
of doing things for the most part and prefer working for businesses that provide a
useful product or service.

• Accountant
• Actuary
• Appraiser
• Assessor
• Association manager/advisor
• Auditor
• Auditor
• Bill and account collector
• Chief information officer
• Construction and building inspector
• Construction manager
• Cost estimator
• Efficiency expert/analyst
• Examiner
• Government inspector
• Inspector
• Insurance claims examiner
• Insurance sales agent
• Insurance underwriter
• Logistics and supply manager
• Manager/supervisor
• Property manager
• Purchasing agent/contract specialist
• Quality control expert
• Real estate agent
• Real estate appraiser
• Regulatory compliance officer
• Statistician
• Technical writer
• Word processing specialist

Many Ones enjoy work in the world of finance, to which they are well suited. They are
usually concerned about financial security (like 6s) and many Ones have a great head
for numbers. They are famously accurate and meticulous in their work and can work
painstakingly without distraction.

• Bank examiner
• Budget analyst
• Chief financial officer
• Cost estimator
• Credit analyst
• Estate planner
• Financial advisor
• Financial analyst
• Financial planner
• Investment banker
• Investment securities officer
• Stockbroker
• Tax preparer and examiner
• Treasurer or controller

Ones are often attracted to careers that require precision, attention to detail, accuracy,
meticulousness and that have practical utility.

• Architect
• Archivist
• Bookkeeper
• Carpenter
• Electrician
• Mechanic
• Musical instrument maker
• Surgeon
• Tailor
• Watch repairer

Some Ones are attracted to jobs that give them an opportunity to help people learn to
follow protocol, procedures and rules. These careers may also be related to
appropriate and proper behavior, manners, conduct and social etiquette.

• Finishing school teacher • Social etiquette teacher

Some Ones are attracted to jobs that involve neatness and cleanliness (after all,
“cleanliness is next to Godliness”).

• Cleaning service worker
• Cleaning staff supervisor
• Dry cleaning store owner
• Dry cleaning store worker

Many Ones are gifted with the Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (from Howard
Gardner’s “Multiple Intelligences”) because they enjoy experimenting, questioning,
thinking logically, working with numbers, and understanding how things work. They
naturally have a rational, analytical, orderly and realistic mind. Listed below are just
some of the career fields that fall under this intelligence and a (sample career):

• Accounting (accountant)
• Biology (biologist)
• Chemistry (chemist)
• Computer science (computer analyst)
• Economics (economist)
• Engineering (engineer)
• Finance (financial planner)
• Math (mathematician)
• Medicine (physician)
• Pharmacy (pharmacist)
• Research (researcher)
• Science (scientist)
• Statistics (statistician)
• Technology (systems analyst)

As mentioned just above, many Ones are interested in the fields of computer science
and technology.

• Business analyst
• Change management consultant
• Computer analyst
• Computer animator
• Computer programmer
• Computer security specialist
• Computer software designer
• Computer software engineer
• Information services developer
• Internet architect
• Java programmer/analyst
• Management consultant
• Network and computer systems
• Network integration specialist
• Network systems and data
communications analyst
• New market/product conceptualizer
• Research and development specialist
• Software developer
• Strategic planner
• Web developer
• Webmaster

Careers that have to do with anger management or self-control can be appealing to
Ones (because they are often trying to control their own anger and other “bad”

• Martial arts teacher • Anger management instructor

Many Ones are interested in time management, efficiency, order and organization.
They enjoy work that involves managing, cleaning, organizing, sorting, systematizing,
arranging, ordering, filing, classifying and categorizing.

• Court reporter
• Efficiency expert
• Event planner
• Goal-setting/strategic planning expert
• Personal organizer
• Secretary
• Stenographer
• Time management expert

The societally acceptable, well known “professional” careers very often appeal to Ones.

• Architect
• Attorney/lawyer
• Business manager/executive
• Chief officer
• Dentist
• Engineer
• Judge
• Pharmacist
• Physician
• Psychiatrist
• School principal
• Scientist
• University professor

Any career related to noticing and correcting errors or mistakes could be appealing to

• Editor • Proofreader

Careers where Ones get to make the decision as to what is fair or who is in the right are

• Adjudicator
• Arbitrator
• Judge
• Mediator/moderator
• Referee
• Reviewer/evaluator
• Standards committee chairperson
• Umpire

Some Ones attracted to careers involving ethics, morals, principles, ideology and

• Ethics advisor • Philosopher

Careers giving advice on or critiquing how to do something better are appealing to

• Advice columnist
• Author or scholar on a subject
(especially Ones with a Nine wing)
• Critic (literature, art, theater,
movie, etc.)
• Grammarian

Careers that “expose” or “tell the truth” about what’s happening.

• Journalist
• Newspaper columnist
• Political philosopher
• Reporter

Ones are often attracted to occupations in healthcare, fitness, healing, and hygiene
since perfect bodily functioning and being of service are two of their high ideals.

• Alternative healthcare practitioner
• EEG technologist
• Exercise physiologist
• General practitioner
• General surgeon
• Health care worker
• Holistic health practitioner
• Home health aide
• Hygienist
• Nurse
• Nutritionist
• Optometrist
• Orthodontist
• Personal fitness trainer
• Pharmacist
• Pharmacy technician
• Physician assistant
• Primary care physician
• Public health officer
• Social worker
• Surgical technologist
• Veterinarian


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