As a Type One Enneagram, career satisfaction means doing work that…..

  1. Allows me to work with people who are hard working, reliable, responsible, competent,
    ethical and dedicated to doing excellent work.
  2. Allows me to work with a boss who is dependable, fair, consistent and has integrity.
  3. Encourages me to fix or improve things that I naturally notice aren’t working or could be
    done better.
  4. Allows me to work at my own pace so that I can meet my own high standards for doing
    the job right, not just getting it done.
  5. Allows me to be precise and meticulous about details.
  6. Rewards competence, conscientiousness, thoroughness and accuracy.
  7. Has meaning and value for me beyond a paycheck.
  8. Does not require me to make pivotal decisions on the basis of fluctuating or partial
  9. Doesn’t require that I work under a tight, pressured deadline that might cause me to make
  10. Won’t leave me feeling that what I do is never good enough.
  11. Is relatively stress-free (because I already tend to get anxious and take things too
    seriously as it is!)
  12. Doesn’t requires me to compromise my ethical values!