Careers That Especially Interest Enneagram Type Fours

Enneagram Fours can be found in many different occupations but there are certain occupations
that they are drawn to because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of
Fours love to express themselves creatively, often through visual and performing arts:
• A ctor/actress
• Architect (aesthetic components
rather than structural or engineering)
• Artist (any)
• Cartoonist
• Choreographer
• Cinematographer
• Conductor
• Costume and wardrobe specialist
• C reative a rtist
• D ancer
• Decorator (any)
• Designer (any)
• Digital photographer
• Dramatist
• Editor/Art director (magazines, web
• Fashion designer
• Feng Shui or Vastu expert
• Filmmaker
• Fine art photographer
• Floral designer
• Florist
• Graphic designer
• Hair stylist
• Instrumentalist
• Interior designer
• Jewelry maker
• Make-up artist
• Music teacher
• M usician
• Performer (any)
• Potter (pottery maker)
• Printmaker
• Sculptor
• Set designer
• Singer
• Videographer
• Wedding planner/coordinator

Some Fours like to move, inspire and influence their audience through the spoken
• Corporate trainer
• Motivational speaker (especially a
Four with a Three wing)
• Preacher
• Seminar leader
• Teacher (see below also)
• Workshop presenter
• Yoga instructor
Many Fours like to move, inspire and influence their audience through the written word:
• Composer
• Journalist
• Novelist
• Philosopher
• P laywright
• P oet
• Screenwriter
• Scriptwriter
• Songwriter
• riter (especially about spirituality,
philosophy, psychology, art, beauty,
decorating/designing, love/romance,
relationships, or people’s
Some Fours like to heal others without necessarily using words:
• Chakra healer/balancer
• Chiropractor
• EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
• Energy healer
• Massage therapist
• Meditation leader
• Psychic surgeon
• Reflexologist
• Reiki practitioner
Many Fours (like myself ) want to help bring out the best in people through some form
of guiding, counseling, coaching, mentoring or divining:
• Astrologer • Aura Color seer

• Clairvoyant/Medium/Psychic/Spiritualist
• Crisis hotline operator
• Holistic health practitioner
• Jungian analyst
• Life coach
• M etaphysician
• NLP practitioner
• Numerologist
• N utritionist
• Personal trainer
• P ersonality system expert (typologist)
• Psychiatrist
• P sychologist
• Shaman
• S piritual t eacher/guide
• Tarot card reader
• Therapist

Fours like to be unique and distinctive and put their own personal touch on things. So,
many start their own small business that allows them to express their creative and/or
artistic flair:
• Entrepreneur • S mall business owner
Fours like to be of service to others and can often be found in social service and health
care occupations:
• Caregiver/caretaker
• Human resources personnel
• Librarian
• Social worker
Many Fours love teaching and educating, especially those with special needs.
• Advisor (anything from foreign policy
to guidance counselor)
• Art and creativity teacher (especially
with the Visual-Spatial
• Bilingual education teacher (especially
with the Verbal-Linguistic
• Elementary school teacher

• Home economics teacher

• Math or Science teacher (espe

cially with
the Logical-Mathematical

• Music teacher (especially with the
Musical-Rhythmic intelligence)
• Nursing instructor

• Physical Education teacher (especially
with the Bodily-Kinesthetic
• School principal
• Special education teacher
• Teacher (other)
• Teacher’s assistant
• Volunteer teacher

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