21 Natural Gifts and Talents of Enneagram Type Ones

As a One, I have some, or all, of these natural gifts and talents that I take for granted:

The ability to find and correct errors, flaws and omissions that others overlook

  1. The ability to notice what is illogical, inconsistent, impractical or inefficient
  2. The ability to inspect products, services, or processes to evaluate their quality or performance
  3. The ability to enforce policies and procedures and speak up against dishonesty/unfairness
  4. The ability to detect when someone is being untruthful
  5. The ability to use good common sense and take a realistic, pragmatic approach to life
  6. The ability to do precise, meticulous, accurate, high quality work (impeccable workmanship)
  7. The ability to do what I say I will do
  8. The ability to prioritize and manage my time well so that I can be efficient and productive
  9. The ability to exercise rational judgment and objectivity when making decisions
  10. The ability to heed my conscience when making decisions
  11. The ability to build trust with people with my strong sense of integrity and hard work ethic
  12. The ability to discipline myself to achieve my goals
  13. The ability to focus and concentrate on a work task
  14. The ability to set, plan, organize and achieve goals
  15. The ability to behave appropriately and be polite and well-mannered
  16. The ability to sacrifice immediate, personal gratification for the greater good of all
  17. The ability to improve myself and my work over time (a commitment to excellence)
  18. The ability to follow rules, procedures and policies (as long as they are fair and ethical!)
  19. The ability to promote honesty, fairness, righteousness and evenhandedness in others
  20. The ability to model integrity by living in alignment with my values (when very healthy)