Career Talents, Values & Interests for Enneagram Type Ones

I want to say from the outset that the Enneagram is one system among many powerful ones that
can be used to help people understand their vocational talents, values and interests by
understanding WHO THEY ARE INSIDE!

Hillary Clinton and Mahatma Gandhi are two famous Enneagram Ones but look how different they
are based on other systems.

Hillary Clinton Biography Mahatma Gandhi Biography
Temperament system Deep Green True Blue
Myers-Briggs system ENTJ INFJ
Dosha Type system Pitta type Vata-Pitta type
Aura Colors system Green Violet
Multiple Intelligences system
Numerology system born on the 2 6
of the month born on the 2
of the month
Numerology system 30/3 Life Path 27/9 Life Path
Astrology system Mars conjunct Pluto Sun opposing Neptune
Astrology system Mars conjunct Saturn Moon trine Neptune
Astrology system Clinton’s Astrology Report Gandhi’s Astrology Report
Michael system (Young Soul) Warrior (Transcendent Soul) Priest

So, what DO Hillary Clinton and Mahatma Gandhi have in common, both
being Enneagram type Ones?

All Ones seek to live in a “perfect” world and work diligently to improve themselves,
everyone, and everything around them. They derive their sense of self from being reasonable,
conscientious, self-controlled people. Whatever [healthy] Ones do they do it to the best of their
ability with high standards of professionalism, competence, principle, honesty and integrity. They
are hard working, self-disciplined and organized. They are passionate about making the world a
better place for everyone and take their work seriously. They are willing to give blood, toil, tears
and sweat for a cause they believe in. Doesn’t that sound like both Hillary Clinton and
Mahatma Gandhi?
Ones can have either a Nine wing or a Two wing. Mahatma Gandhi is a One with a
Nine wing and Hillary Clinton is a One with a Two wing. If, after clicking on the previous
links, you feel that you are more of a One with a strong Nine wing, look at what Enneagram type
Nines need for career satisfaction as well. If you feel you are more of a One with a strong Two
wing, look at what Enneagram type Twos need for career satisfaction as well.

Some average Ones can be perfectionistic workaholics who wonder why everyone doesn’t
want to improve themselves and doesn’t work as hard as they do. Other average Ones have such
impossibly high standards for themselves that they can’t even seem to get started. They easily
feel overwhelmed and burdened by life. Everything they do is never good enough for them so
they just procrastinate out of a fear of making mistakes or of failure. Average Ones are
motivated by the need to live the right way, as they see it! They can be hypercritical of
themselves and others. They can also be too painstaking, obsessive, compulsive, self-righteous,
overly serious and controlling. Some average Ones can be too impatient to see progress. Any job where the motivation is to fix/correct things or others is especially appealing to average and
unhealthy Ones.
Healthy Ones are drawn to any job where the motivation is to inspire, uplift and encourage
others to live according to their highest ideals and principles. Famous examples of healthy Ones
are Al Gore, Margaret Thatcher, Tom Brokaw, John Bradshaw, Joanne Woodward, Peter
Jennings, George Bernard Shaw, Colin Powell, William F. Buckley, Pope John Paul II,
Stephen R. Covey and Nelson Mandela.
Ones often seem like Solid Golds in the temperament system, even if they are actually Bold
Oranges, True Blues (like Mahatma Gandhi), or Deep Greens (like Hillary Clinton). That’s
because Ones try to abide by the laws of society and do the right thing, unless they feel the laws
are unethical or unfair and then they will do everything in their power to change them, as a
matter of principle (like Mahatma Gandhi)!