Type Two’s Enneagram Subtype Descriptions

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Type #2 Self-Preservation Subtype

Can resemble 8s at times when angry
Can resemble 4s at times when feeling entitled to special treatment


• Caretaking kind of 2
• Like time alone. Can be balanced with regard to own needs vs. others’ needs
• Like to help others with their material and physical needs
• Often love to cook for others
• Loving, attentive to others, generous
• Affectionate, nurturing
• Acts of service is one of their “love languages”


• Child-like fear of not being able to make it on their own
• Can’t ask for what they need
• Feel a sense of entitlement to get their essential needs met too
• Can expect preferential treatment for love and attention given to others
• Expect others to know what they need
• Repress and stuff their feelings
• Act childish and egocentric when scared
• Can overspend
• Possibly abuse food (as compensation for feeling unloved)
• Possible eating disorders
• Hypochondria possible

Type #2 Sexual Subtype

Can resemble 8s at times with their intensity and passion
Can resemble 4s at times with their yearning and longing for love


• Go after want they want
• Intuitively know the needs and interests of others
• Know how to get close to and intimate with people


• Do whatever it takes to “win over” people, especially a romantic interest (won’t take no for
an answer)
• Turn on the charm and seductively focus on pleasing and lavishing attention on significant

• Alter and adapt themselves to meet others’ needs but then fear rejection if they express
their own needs
• Fear being rejected for who they really are
• Hide their neediness behind giving
• Seductive and alluring; crave yet fear intimacy
• May aggressively pursue and overcome all obstacles/objections when they really like and
want someone
• Have hidden expectations of love being returned
• Pain arises when their partner doesn’t take an interest in them or their repressed, unmet
• Can be possessive and demanding, intrusive and hovering
• At worst, can be obsessed with someone; stalking; fatal attractions

Type #2 Social Subtype

Can resemble 3s at times if they are 2s with a 3 wing


• A master networker and organizer who can bring people together that need each other’s
• Give their time, energy and even money to improve conditions for people and/or the world
• They always have other people’s welfare in mind as well as their own
• They can be aware of group expectations but have enough self-esteem to do what’s best
for them
• Excellent at connecting people together for their mutual benefit
• Great at organizing meetings, facilitating projects
• Extremely social, friendly and outgoing
• Ambitious
• Charming, upbeat, entertaining; a gracious host and hostess


• Seek attention and even prestige by being popular or seen with the “in crowd”
• Like to be seen with successful people to enhance their own social value
• Attracted to those on their way up or socially influential
• Pride in ability to socially connect people and help others
• Can get scattered, over-extended and over-committed
• Want to be liked and approved of by everyone
• Fear being left out or forgotten
• Public image is all important
• Flattering, ingratiating, seductive




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