Type Two’s Enneagram Wing Descriptions

Are you more like a Two with a One wing or a Two with a Three wing? Read below to
find out.

Type Two with a One Wing (2w1)


• Warm, Principled, Moral
• Selfless Service, Caretaking
• Empathetic, strong desire to alleviate human suffering
• Quiet, Serious, Purposeful
• Healthy self-questioning
• Teaching, Healing, Ministry


Martyr, Critical, Introverted
• Guilt-ridden, Self-Righteous

Type Two with a One Wing:

Twos with a One wing (2w1s) tend to take on more of the
attributes of Ones than of Threes (the other wing), although both wings (1 and 3) can influence
their personality. 2w1s tend to be more idealistic and have a stronger sense of mission to relieve
human suffering through practical service than 2w3s. They are willing to do the thankless jobs
that most people shun and are less prideful than 2w3s. They are also more serious, objective and
emotionally contained than 2w3s but still warm and empathetic. They have strong consciences,
high standards for themselves and act from their firm principles. They are more quiet and
discreet as well as more respectful of other people’s boundaries than 2w3s. They are often
content to work more in the background but still want to be seen as helpful to others. Some
common roles for this subtype are: caretakers, teachers (especially special education), healers,
social workers (and other public service jobs) and ministers. Many 2w1s are very spiritual and/or
religious and are willing to question their underlying motives (like healthy Fours – their Heart
Point). They feel responsible for other people’s welfare and as such can be found doing charity
work for the homeless or other downtrodden and disenfranchised groups.

Negatively, 2w1s can feel emotionally conflicted inside. On the one hand, they want to be
significant and important in other people’s lives but, on the other hand, they can feel selfish for
having these desires. Thus, they can be self-critical when their “selfish” needs arise. This can
sometimes lead to melancholy. When they are less healthy, they can be extremely self-critical,
judgmental of others, pessimistic and moralistic. They may repress their personal desires and
just focus on serving others as a way to avoid the guilt of having selfish, inner needs. At their
worst, 2w1s can dominate and control others in the name of “helping,” neglect their health
completely, and play the role of martyr.
You may find that you can relate to the description of Type Two with a Three wing also
(see below). However, there is a fundamental energetic difference between these two
descriptions. See if you can discern which description sounds more like you, however slight that
difference might be.

Type Two with a Three Wing (2w3)


• Ambitious, Outgoing, Sociable
• Self-Assured, Engaging
• Seek love through intimacy and personal connection
• Charming, Lots of Personality
• Openly emotional, Gregarious
• Lively, Adaptable, Talkative


• Competitive, Vain, Deceptive
• Manipulative, Seductive

Type Two with a Three Wing: 

Twos with a Three wing (2w3s) tend to take on more of the
attributes of Threes than of Ones (the other wing), although both wings (3 and 1) can influence
their personality. 2w3s tend to be more sociable, gregarious and outgoing than 2w1s. They are
interested in making others feel good and in establishing warm, personal connections but they are
also quite ambitious and competitive. They are energetic, purposeful and optimistic. They are
task-focused and able to get things done and make things happen like Threes. 2w3s are
generally group-oriented and like to serve on projects with other people. Because 2w3s are
usually good communicators, they are able to get people on board with any ideas they have.
They are friendly, charming, adaptable and good-natured. They enjoy doing nice things for and
with friends. Many 2w3s love to entertain, throw parties, invite guests over for dinner, etc. 2w3s
can be flirtatious, seductive and have a strong drive for intimacy. They can also be quite
romantic, sentimental and relationship-oriented.
Negatively, 2w3s can be overly competitive and controlling. They can also be more
prideful of their good works, liking the attention. They can focus too strongly on relationships
(especially sexual Twos) and be talkative, gossipy, excessively friendly or overly sentimental.
They can also be more narcissistic and concerned about their appearance than 2w1s. When their
love needs aren’t being met they can become emotionally hysterical, histrionic, deceptive and
manipulative. They aren’t as likely as 2w1s to direct their attention inwards and question
themselves or their motives. At their worst, 2w3s can be exploitive, self-centered, self-important,
coercive and high-handed.