Careers That Especially Interest Twos Enneagram Type

Enneagram Twos can be found in many different occupations but there are certain occupations that they are drawn to because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of them.

Many Twos love teaching and educating, especially children and those with special needs.

• Advisor (anything from foreign policy to guidance counselor) • Art and creativity teacher (especially with the Visual-Spatial intelligence) • Bilingual education teacher (especially with the Verbal-Linguistic intelligence) • Educational administrator • Elementary school teacher • Home economics teacher • Instructional coordinator • Math or Science teacher (especially with the Logical-Mathematical intelligence) • Music teacher (especially with the Musical-Rhythmic intelligence) • Nursing instructor • Physical Education teacher (especially with the Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence) • School principal • School psychologist • School social worker • Teachers of all kinds (especially drama, English, humanities, foreign languages, social studies, special education) • Teacher’s assistant

Twos excel in Social Services/Counseling/Healing work where personal warmth and genuine caring are so important.

• Caretaker • Certified life coach (CLC) • Child care provider • Coach (any) • Counselor (any) • Energetic healer • Healer (any) • Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) • Mediator • Non-profit organization worker • Orphanage worker • Professional certified coach (PCC) • Psychiatrist • Psychologist • Psychotherapist • Public service worker • Social director/leader • Social worker • Sociologist • Therapists of all kinds

Many Twos are drawn to the health care field because they can work directly with people in a helping capacity, two of their favorite things to do.

• Aerobics instructor • Alternative healthcare practitioner • Certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA) • Certified respiratory therapist (CRT) • Chiropractor • Dental assistant • Dental hygienist • Dentist • Drug and alcohol addiction specialist • Exercise physiologist • Family physician • Health care administrator • Health care worker (any) • Health educator • Home health aide • Home health social worker • Hospice nurse/worker • Licensed practical nurse (LPN) • Massage therapist • Medical assistant • Medical secretary • Mental health professional • Nurse (any) • Nursing home worker • Nutritionist/Dietitian • Occupational therapist (OTR) • Optometrist/optician • Pediatrician • Personal fitness trainer • Physical therapist (PT) • Physical therapy assistant (PTA) • Physician assistant (PA) • Primary care physician

Recreational assistant • Recreational therapist • Registered nurse (RN) • Registered physical therapist (RPT) • Registered respiratory therapist (RRT) • Speech language pathologist (SLP) • Speech language pathology assistant (SLPA) • Veterinarian • Yoga instructor (especially with the Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence)

Many Twos (especially Twos with a Three Wing and Social Twos) have the gift of gab and love interacting with people. Jobs in marketing, advertising, sales and service can be a natural fit (especially for Extraverted, Enterprising Twos).

• Account executive • Advertising executive • Consultative manager • Consultative salesperson • Corporate communications director • Customer service representative • Diversity manager • Employment interviewer • Human resources manager • Industrial psychologist • Marketer of ideas/services • Organizational development consultant • Public relations promoter • Real estate agent • Salesperson • Training and development specialist • Travel agent

Many Twos are spiritual and/or religious owing to their innate sensitivity and intuition (and because many of them have Blue as their core aura color).

• Clergyman and woman • Director of religious education • Missionary • Nun/Monk (especially self-preservation Twos with a strong One-wing) • Pastor • Preacher/minister • Priest • Religious leader • Volunteer

Some extraverted Twos who have a strong Three wing like to be in the public eye.

• Actor/Actress • Comedian/Comedienne • Dancer • Entertainer • Motivational speaker • Musician • Politician • Seminar leader • Singer • Workshop presenter

Many Twos are drawn to careers dealing with home, family and young kids or seniors.

• Child care provider • Foster parent • Home health aide • Home health social worker • Homemaker • House cleaner • Nursing home worker

Many Twos are advocates for the underprivileged and often volunteer for causes they believe in.

Activist • Advocate (especially consumer service advocate) • Campaigner • Crusader • Political supporter

Many Twos are imaginative, creative, romantic and/or artistic so are often drawn to careers involving art, fashion, design or that make the world a more beautiful, peaceful, loving place

• Artist • Arts and crafts maker • Decorator • Designer/decorator

Esthetician • Filmmaker • Florist • Hair stylist • Interior designer • Jeweler • Musician/singer (especially with the Musical-Rhythmic intelligence) • Painter • Photographer • Poet • Sculptor • Wedding planner/coordinator • Writer (especially about fantasy, romance, inspiration, etc.)

Twos are often drawn to the hospitality industry because they love to nurture and pamper others physically and/or emotionally (especially through food).

• Hotel manager • Restaurant manager • Bed and breakfast owner • Event or party planner • Cook/chef/baker • Caterer • Waiter/waitress • Restaurant host/hostess

Some Twos are metaphysically minded owing to their innate sensitivity and intuition.

• Astrologer • Aura Color reader • Tarot card reader • Clairvoyant/Medium/Psychic

Twos pride themselves on being helpful, cooperative and considerate. If they are also organized and efficient with time they make excellent clerical help, as long as they get to work with people!

• Receptionist • Secretary

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