Career Talents, Values & Interests for Enneagram type Twos

I want to say from the outset that the Enneagram is one system among many powerful ones that can be used to help people understand their vocational talents, values and interests by understanding WHO THEY ARE INSIDE!

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Mother Teresa and Richard Simmons are two famous Enneagram Twos but look how different they are based on other systems.


Mother Teresa Biography vs  Richard Simmons Biography Temperament system Solid Gold True Blue Myers-Briggs system ISFJ ENFJ Dosha Type system Pitta-Kapha type Pitta-Vata type Aura Colors system Blue/Violet Blue/Yellow Multiple Intelligences system Verbal-Linguistic, Intrapersonal Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal Numerology system born on the 2 6th of the month born on the 1 2th of the month Numerology system 27/9 Life Path 32/5 Life Path Astrology system Moon quincunx Jupiter Mars square Jupiter Astrology system Moon sextile Neptune Moon sextile Pluto Astrology system Teresa’s Astrology Report Simmons’ Astrology Report Michael system (Old Soul) Server (Young Soul) Sage

So, what DO Mother Teresa and Richard Simmons have in common, both being Enneagram type Twos?

All Twos try to meet the needs of others and attempt to orchestrate the people and events
in their lives. Twos derive their sense of self from being caring, considerate, loving people. They
have a natural ability to feel the feelings and needs of others. They often go out of their way to
say and do nice things for people. They want to be seen as friendly, thoughtful and generous and
so they usually are. Not surprisingly, Twos are often, but not always, found in the helping
professions because they are so empathetic, nurturing, compassionate and kindhearted (when
healthy). Twos are often willing to go the extra mile for others, especially those in need. Work
involving children, the disenfranchised, the neglected, the downtrodden, the physically or
mentally challenged, the terminally ill, the elderly, etc. all appeals to Twos. Doesn’t that sound
like both Mother Teresa and Richard Simmons?
Twos can have either a One wing or a Three wing. Mother Teresa is a Two with a One
wing and Richard Simmons is a Two with a Three wing. If, after clicking on the previous
links, you feel that you are more of a Two with a strong One wing, look at what Enneagram type
Ones need for career satisfaction as well. If you feel you are more of a Two with a strong Three
wing, look at what Enneagram type Threes need for career satisfaction as well.
Many Twos are gifted with the Interpersonal Intelligence (from the Multiple
I ntelligences s ystem) because they have the ability to: (1) communicate clearly and listen well,
(2) use empathy to help others solve problems, (3) organize people well, (4) discriminate and
interpret different kinds of interpersonal clues, and (5) influence and inspire others to work
toward a common goal. Needless to say, Twos love working with other people.

Average Twos like to please others and to feel needed in their job. They tend to be
proud of their virtuous giving but also need attention, appreciation and expressions of gratitude.
They can give unwanted advice and assistance and try to make themselves indispensable. They
must be careful not to wear themselves out trying to be self-sacrificial martyrs.
Healthy Twos are unselfish and altruistic. They have a strong desire to relieve human
suffering and are sincerely concerned about the welfare of others. Their giving is openhanded
and they derive satisfaction from doing good for its own sake, without any need for approval,
appreciation or recognition. Famous examples of healthy Twos are Albert Schweitzer, Bill
Cosby, Elizabeth Taylor, Jerry Lewis, Desmond Tutu, Leo Busc.


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