10 Things Type Twos Can Do to Help Themselves Grow – Enneagram


  1. Notice how easily your attention goes out to sensing needs of special others and your
    associated feelings of pride and self-importance in being able to meet those needs.

Unfortunately, pride prevents you from admitting to yourself that you have real needs too.

  1. Notice how much you crave love, approval, appreciation and attention when you give.
    Practice being a “disinterested altruist” and give for the pure joy of giving.


  1. Realize that denying your own needs to provide for others and altering your personality to get
    someone to like you are self-defeating behaviors. Being loved does not depend on changing
    yourself for others or denying your own needs.


  1. Practice spending time alone, developing independent activities and bringing your attention
    back in to yourself. Notice the anxiety it causes and the desire to focus out again.


  1. Tell people what you need, and learn to enjoy receiving without feeling the need to give back.


  1. Use anger and rising distress as signals that you are not meeting your own needs.


  1. Constantly ask yourself, “what do I really want, what really is important to me (recognizing
    this may produce anxiety).”


  1. Notice your own achievements and innate self-worth.


  1. Practice setting limits and boundaries by saying no to requests from others, when appropriate.


  1. Notice when your helpfulness may seem intrusive or controlling to others.