28 days of Gratitude

Welcome to 28 days of Gratitude. I will be posting a new exercise every day that will
help to strengthen your gratitude practice. I recommend that you do each exercise in
consecutive days as to build momentum and make it a daily practice. I also recommend
that you get a journal that can be your gratitude journal where you can write down the
daily exercises.

With the practice of gratitude, while the challenges may come, you will know how to overcome
them and learn from them.
The Magic formula:

  1. Deliberately think and say ‘Thank You’.
  2. More deliberate ‘Thank You’, more gratitude feeling.
  3. More gratitude feeling, more abundance.
    Gratitude must become a way of life, must impregnate our cells & subconscious mind.
    Out of 28 days Gratitude Practice, 1st 12 days are for gratitude for what you have now & in the past.
    Next ten days are desires & dreams. The last six are for higher level(help others, dissolve problems,
    improve –ve situation).
    You can follow 28 day practice or choose one practice that is important for 3 days in a row, or
    everyday for a week. After 28 days, use particular one for special need.
    Your job is to wish. ‘How’ is not your job.
    Strong Request: Find time to maintain a list of your dreams throughout life. List small, big, what you
    want now, after a day, week, month, an year. You can categorize them as follows.
  4. Health & body
  5. Career/work
  6. Money
  7. Relationships
  8. Personal Desires
  9. Material things