Socionics Relationship Chart Definitions

Relations of Activity:

Partners enjoy leisure activities together.
Collaboration is difficult: P vs. J problems in dayto-day
Partners tire of each other.

Comparative Relations:

Initial attraction but become boring and stagnant.
Partners become selfish and egotistic.
Stagnant relationship.
Illusionary Relations:

Expectations of each other lead to fights.
Relationship of Laziness.

Contrary Relations:

Each must be left alone. Each partner vies for
compete for attention. Regret over trusting the
other. Self-centered partners.

Conflicting Relations:

Worst pairing of all. Conflicts. Each goes for the
Achilles heel.
Fruitless pairing.

Super-Ego Relations:

Outsiders see them as cold but they have warmth
toward each other. Day to day matters lead to
misunderstandings and conflict.
Formal Relationship.

Quasi-Identical Relations:

Partners believe relationship is wasted time, and
leads to a break-up but no hard feelings.
Relationship with major misunderstandings.

Relations of Benefit:

(Bn>) – A is ‘Benefactor’ to B,
(<Bn) – A is ‘Beneficiary’ to B.
Benefactor over-lords beneficiary.
Relationship results in eventual conflict.

Relations of Supervison:

(Sp>) – A is ‘Supervisor’ to B,
(<Sp) – A is ‘Supervisee’ to B