10 Rules to Live By to Achieve ENTP Success

  1. Feed Your Strengths! Realize your gift of seeing past the obvious brings you a great capacity to reward yourself and others through your Make sure you engage in activities and which can expose this potential at its most valuable level.
  2. Face Your Weaknesses! We all have Recognizing your weaknesses for what they are (without beating yourself up) will give you the power to change your life for the better.
  3. Talk Through Your Discussing what you see with others will them understand where you are coming from, and offer you the chance to discover the ways in which their input can balance your ideas.
  4. Relax and Enjoy the Take the time to consider what you have, the gifts life has already brought to you. Try and discover the value and importance of those constant day to day things which support and nourish you.
  5. Be Aware of Others Understand that everyone has their own lives and their own Everyone has something to offer. Try to identify people’s personality type.


  1. Recognize Norms and Structures Are Remember that without the support and constancy of others, no-one can follow their dreams. The path you walk was laid by others, each of its stepping stones created to fulfill a different part of the human need for constancy and security. Without this support structure, you cannot go far.
  2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Understand that the only way to grow is to get outside of your comfort If you’re feeling uncomfortable in situation because it seems to be going nowhere, that’s good! That’s an opportunity for growth.
  3. Identify and Express Your Feelings You may have a hard time understanding your It’s important that you try to figure this out. Don’t let people down. If you determine that you value a person, tell them so every time you think of it. This is the best way to make them feel secure in your affections, and so to promote a long-lasting relationship.
  4. Be Accountable for Yourself Remember that no one has more control over your life than you Don’t be a victim.
  5. Assume the Best, But Be Your positive attitude nearly always creates positive situations. Just remember: to make them lasting and worthwhile you must build them on solid, carefully planned foundations.