1. Si – introverted Sensing
SiFe’s naturally use Si to catalogue experiences and information they deem important. In particular, they remember their impressions of experiences they’ve had. They have an organized internal world and their mind can easily put similar pieces of information into appropriate categories. They learn straightforward, practical systems, rules, and strategies with ease and grace. Si gives the sense of the SiFe being grounded and having a linear, black and white way of thinking about things.

2Fe – extroverted Feeling
Fe is the primary way SiFe’s interact with and understand the people in the world around them. It is not emotions, but “gut instincts” they might have about a person or situation. This function is focused outwardly and reads or “takes in” information about other people. It picks up on their vibes and what their thoughts and feelings might be. Fe also helps SiFe’s relate back to and communicate with people in a way that people are comfortable with.

3. Ti – introverted Thinking
Ti analyzes information and seeks truthful answers to all of life’s questions. When Ti serves Si in an SiFe, it analyzes things in a categorical, organized manner, and seeks truth about experiences and situations. Because Ti is right after Fe in order of preference, SiFe’s can be very balanced between their stoic analytical side and the side of them that values people.

4. Ne – extroverted iNtuition
Ne is the SiFe’s last function. Ne is the small part of the SiFe that craves simple new experiences and ideas, but because it is their weakest function, it can only be used in simple ways or for short periods. For example, when coming up with an idea to execute a project, they can take a lot of details they’ve gathered from previous experience and put them together to form a really great concept, but coming up with an idea about a project when they have no relevant practical experience catalogued away can be very difficult. Ne can also fuel sudden “lightbulb” moments where an idea strikes them out of nowhere as they’re talking.