1. Ni – internal iNtuition
Ni is like a background processor that can compute and process information without needing to consciously work through each part of the thought. It’s easily able to see ten steps ahead and predict what might happen in the future because. Ni-dominant types are able to access many parts of their brain at once to find an optimal solution to new problems. Because Ni is the NiTe’s main function, everything else is said to serve it.

2. Te – external Thinking
Te allows NiTe’s to operate efficiently in all areas of life. It is the NiTe’s primary decision-making process, which means that if a decision is needed in the moment, they will rely on what makes the most sense objectively. Because Te is the primary external function, it is usually the first thing other people will notice about NiTe’s.

3. Fi – internal Feeling
Fi is the NiTe’s third function. It is the NiTe’s secondary decision-making process and can take longer to come to a conclusion than Te does. Because it’s an internal process, it likes to mull over all the details before deciding. Fi is what tells the NiTe how they feel or how others might feel about a particular thing. It can act as a warning system when Te thinks a decision makes sense but Fi knows it’s a bad idea.

4. Se – external Sensing
Se is the NiTe’s last function. As a last function, it is inherently not as strong as the other functions. Se is the NiTe’s more concrete side that lets them connect to the world around them. Having Se last means that NiTe’s can easily get drained if they have to actively engage with the people or the world around them for long periods of time.