1. Ne – extroverted iNtuition

Ne is the NeFi’s core function. They use it to find patterns and underlying principles, to see future possibilities, to construct theories and frameworks, and to form connections as they talk, write, or create. To others, Ne is what can make the NeFi seem like they have their head in the clouds, constantly having ideas, thoughts, and theories that might not seem like they’re totally in sync with reality. The rest of the functions below are said to “serve” the Ne. This means that the Ne way of doing things gets priority most of the time.

2. Fi – introverted Feeling
Although it’s referred to as “Feeling”, Fi is not internal emotions, but rather values that come from within. NeFi’s might experience a deep well of emotions, but this is not the root of Fi. It is a decision making-process that makes them very interested in determining their own moral code and what their gut instinct tells them is right, which is often based on how they would like to be treated themselves. They tend to be very considerate of others, and are likely to be highly aware of how they feel other people see them. It may take a long time to mull over their own beliefs to make sure they seem right. This values-refining process can take quite a bit of time and requires mental solitude, which can make the NeFi seem very introverted in these times. Fi generally puts authenticity in high esteem and is repulsed by anything that seems fabricated or shallow to them.

3. Te – extroverted Thinking
Te is the NeFi’s third function. Te is a very logic-oriented way of problem solving. It is the side of them that naturally looks to find a better solution to a problem, improve the efficiency of a process, or critique and refine what is already in place. NeFi’s tend to be balanced between this quick, decisive efficient way of making decisions and the pondering, value-driven decision making process of their Fi. While they prefer to take their time to make decisions, as long as it doesn’t go against their values they can use their Te to make sure they make a decision when necessary.

4. Si – internal Sensing
Si is the NeFi’s last function. Because of this, it is inherently not as strong as the other functions. It operates subconsciously for the most part, and allows them to store all the interesting knowledge and insights into people they gather in an organized way in their mind for future reference. People with Si first or second are really good at implementation, following detailed instructions, and keeping a system running smoothly over long periods of time. Because Si is not the main focus of an NeFi, they may struggle with being consistent, reliable, and actually implementing their ideas. However, as they grow and develop, they often learn to overcome these weaknesses.