Si (Introverted Sensing)


Si types are dependable, reliable and trustworthy. They like to belong to solid organizations that have reasonable in their ambitions and loyal to their employees. They are thorough and conscientious in fulfilling their responsibilities.
Practicality: Once an Si type accepts a project, they will see it to the end. They manage their time well and are realistic about how much time and resources will be needed. They derive great pleasure from perfecting existing techniques with the goal of maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Si is reviewing past experiences and recalling stored impressions. Si often involves storing data and information, then comparing and contrasting the current situation with similar ones. The immediate experience or words are instantly linked with the prior experiences, and we register a similarity or a difference. Si is operating when we see someone who reminds of someone else. Sometimes the feeling associated with the recalled image comes into our awareness along with the information itself. The process involves reviewing the past to draw on the lessons of history, hindsight, and experience. Si types tend to have a good memory for specific facts that are necessary in their day-to-day life at work and at home. When one uses Si, we don’t adjust to our surface impressions; we package them and take them with us—in the form of facts, numbers, signs and memories. We don’t remember, or even notice, everything that we see, hear, taste, touch and smell during the course of our lives. Only some things strike us as important, useful, familiar, or exciting enough to convert into mental content—that is, into facts that we retain over time. Si guides in this selection, and it prompts us to reconcile our new impressions with the ones we’ve already stored.

Attention to Detail:

Si types are careful and orderly in their attention to facts and details, Si is accumulating data and seeking details information and links to what is known. With Si, there is often a great attention to detail and getting a clear picture of goals and objectives and what is to happen. Si is recognizing the way things have always been.


With Si there can be a oneness with ageless customs that help sustain civilization and culture, and protect what is known and long-lasting. The Si type tends to be rather modest, traditional and conventional, to like sensible clothing, to be thrifty, careful and wise with both money and possessions. They may keep possessions for a lifetime and treasure those that were given to them. Si types have a developed sense of citizenship and accountability. From an Si viewpoint, immediate conditions have no stable meaning. They’re just an influx of data impinging on the senses, and the response to these impressions depends on mood, state of mind, desires and feelings. It’s our commitments and priorities, the facts we hold inalienable that give our circumstances enduring significance. Knowing what matters, what’s worth keeping or building again, gives a sense of continuity and security. It gives direction in the midst of a crisis, or helps to weather a loss of faith that immediate feelings would not equip us to handle. All things flow away like water, but the ground of our self-experience remains. Si types are typically seen as well grounded in reality, trustworthy, and dedicated to preserving traditional values and time-honored institutions.
Suppression: Si and Ne have a suppressive relationship. The chaos on unpredictability of Ne renders the reliance of the past data obsolete in that it cannot be reliably trusted if the environment is constantly changing.