Se (Extroverted Sensing)

Scanning Environment: Se is noticing changes and opportunities for action, by scanning for sensual reactions and data. It notices relevant facts and occurrences in a sea of data and experiences, learning all the facts we can about the immediate context of area of focus and what goes on in that context. An active seeking of more and more input to get the whole picture may occur until all sources of input have been exhausted or something else captures their attention.


Sensual Experience:

Se is experiencing the immediate context, and accumulating experiences. Se occurs when we become aware of what is in the general world in rich detail. Se types have a zest for living life to the fullest by way of multiplying experiences. Always on the alert for what needs immediate attention or what might provide a bit of action, excitement or entertainment, they engage quickly with their environment. Se types are attuned to the environment and the myriad of colors, textures, sounds, beauty and the sensuousness of it all. Their attention will always go towards whatever provides the keenest impression on their senses. With Se, data is accepted without discrimination and is only later subjected to sorting and selection through their introverted judgment functions. This, in conjunction with the immediacy of their perceptual process, may underlie their natural affinity for sensual and aesthetic experience.

Active Energy:

Se is taking action in the physical world; it is operating when we freely follow exciting physical impulses or instincts as they come up and enjoy the thrill of action in the present moment. A oneness with the physical world and a total absorption may exist as we move, touch, and sense what is around us. The process involves instantly reading cues to see how far we can go in a situation and still get the impact we want or respond to the situation with presence. Se types often have an uncanny ability to respond appropriately in cases of an emergency, often having excellent reflexes, and they can act without thinking. Se comes into play when events are changing so rapidly that linear analysis is impossible. They respond immediately, on the basis of visual and tactile information, guided by what they done before. Se types are pragmatic and realistic with a talent for being whatever they need to be in order to make a situation work for them.

Fun Loving:

Se types seek and enjoy freedom, are good-natured, direct, tolerant and often the ones who provide levity. They also tend to have natural mediating skills. Se types have a way of dealing with people on a very equal platform and are not easily star struck. Rank, celebrity, and status mean little when they are face to face with another individual. Se types love variety and are curious and adventurous, enjoying the unexpected. As long as things are moving along, they are happy. They like to keep things simple and immediate, going with the flow. Se types are helpful in a very concrete ways, providing the correct tools or specific service the person requires. They love having fun and if things are too quiet they may provide the entertainment or distraction.
Stage Presence: The Se types have a “feel” for atmosphere, style, and image. They know what people are interesting in and like being recognized as paradigmatic of the trend. ESPs often speak of that peculiar thrill of knowing their game, knowing when luck or timing or the cards or and audience is “with them”. An ESP assesses what’s going on, plays on it, and takes pleasure in the escalating sense of mastery. You can always tell by the ESPs in the crowd exactly what pop culture currently regards as admirable, stylish, fascinating, outrageous, or exciting. They become the experiential standard by which others’ image and attitude are measured. Some ESPs have a kind of moving-star quality—a self-assurance, a charisma, an appetite for life—That others enjoy and find infectious. It should be granted that ESPs don’t feel unduly vulnerable to external influence. Indeed, they cherish freedom and individuality. The worst fate they can imagine is to be trapped by others’ ideas about normal or typical behaviour. ESPs can therefore become paradigms of what can be acquired, said, done, not withstanding accepted social wisdom. ESPs are magnetic, clever, full of energy and enthusiasm, they make a room come alive, thrive on attention, and are attentive in return.
Suppression: Se and Ni have a suppressive relationship. When Ni is attempted, it pulls one out of the sensations of the present outer world and into the theoretical and abstract world of Ni. Se dominants prefer to be in the here and now, and sometimes find Ni to be overwhelming, in that it can give them a feeling of losing their footing, and lifting them off steady ground.