Ni (Introverted intuition)

Perspective Shifting:

Using Ni a person can shift their perspectives, view and understand things from different angles and in different ways, each giving insights, synthesizing information and trying to get to the best outcome for the problem at hand and accomplish a vision of the future. Perspectives are often evoked by focusing on physical symbols, archetypes, totems, and other abstractions like visual models. This ability allows the Ni user to see the underlying meaning and universal truths of natural law behind symbols and abstractions, and then apply them in other places that appear unrelated or contradictory.

Meaningful Insight:

Ni involves synthesizing the seemingly paradoxical or contradictory, which takes understanding to a new level. Using this process, one can have moments when completely new, unimagined realizations come to them. Quite often during times of relaxation after concentrated intellectual activity, when the mind is allowed to wander freely, the Ni seems to take over and can produce the sudden clarifying insights. Ni is a way of seeing things that rise above competing views. Engaging this process starts with entering a state of withdrawal from the world in order to purposefully gain an insight or realization. These insights may manifest as “aha!” experiences, the kind of thing that “pops” into your head while you’re taking a shower. Once these insights come to pass they can align them with their global model transforming it into an updated perspective of the world and future.


Ni is always looking for implications of how the future will unfold. Ni types often find themselves laying out how the future will unfold based on unseen trends and telling signs. Because of this curious power that Ni users have, they tend to be seen as having a “psychic” or prophetic quality to them.

Visionary Drive:

The sense of the future and the realizations that come from Ni have sureness and an imperative quality that seem to demand action and help us stay focused on fulfilling our vision or dream of how things will be in the future. The Ni user can hold the ideal future society or system within their Ni, and rigorously drive toward this goal to turn it into reality.
Independence of Mind: Ni dominants confidently trust their intuitions, insights, ideas, and inspirations – often no matter what others say. Their thoughts become part of who they are, and they are completely independent of the world the live in. Ni dominants are the most independent minded of all other types, the insights they pick up on in their lives are completely original and subjective. For this reason, many Ni dominants feel like aliens, as if they perceive a completely different reality from everyone else.


Ni and Se have a suppressive relationship. Ni causes the person to withdraw from the active sensual environment in order to work effectively. The slightest nudge, impulse noise, or visual flash can knock a person completely out of Ni and derail their train of thought. Because of this, Ni dominants can’t stand being interrupted, and prefer to surround themselves with only the most pleasant of sensations.