Ne (Extroverted Intuition)

Pattern Surfing:

Ne involves interpreting situations and relationships, and picking up meanings and interconnections, seeing patterns emerging. Ne is useful in getting the gist of a situation very quickly. It has an uncanny instinct for spotting trends and possible future developments, often before others are even mildly aware of them.


Ne involves entertaining a wealth of possible interpretations from just one idea. Using this process, we can juggle many different ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and meanings in our mind at once with the possibility that they are all true. By using this process one can really appreciate brainstorming and trust what emerges, enjoying imaginative play with scenarios and combining possibilities, using a kind of cross-contextual thinking.


Words, ideas and possibilities spew effortlessly from Ne using types. They are keen improvisers, and they are rarely caught off guard; there is always something up their sleeve.
Change Initiation:
Ne initiates change and often is prone to trespassing a few known boundaries to take themselves and others where no one has been before. Their faith in possibilities and belief in the benefit of change often inspires others to follow. They are challenging, ingenious and innovative. They will give their best to what appears to be an impossible challenge, a place unknown to man or beast. Ne also can involve catalyzing people and extemporaneously shaping situations, spreading an atmosphere of change through the emergent leadership.

Inspirational Energy:

Ne types, when inspired, are fearless and tireless. Their energy will know no limits. They possess the ability to go without food or rest, beyond other personality types’ limits. Ne types are easily inspired and their enthusiasm is contagious to others around them causing them to become inspired as well.
Suppression: Ne and Si have a suppressive relationship. Si wants plant everything down to what is known, and Ne wants to bounce to new possibilities. Si shuts down Ne when demanding that there are no other possibilities besides what is already known.