Enneagram Tritype descriptions

Enneagram Tritype descriptions Explained

145 – The Researcher Archetype


Both the 451 and 459 are reserved and introspective and self conscious. The 451 is very critical of themselves and others.They are very particular and have a lot of shoulds. They can be strident. Dissatisfaction is visible as their energy can be prickly. The 459 is more reserved and passive. They wait to be included. They are approachable but hope that others will come towards them. They are quiet in their demeanor. They project a sense of stillness. Their energy is soft and yielding. Dissatisfaction is hidden like in the 479.


If you are a 145, you are diligent, intuitive, and knowledgeable. You want to be ethical, original and wise. Highly intellectual, you are focused on what you perceive is correct and above reproach. Research oriented, you seek and quote the opinions of experts to avoid being seen as ignorant.

Your life mission is to study and learn as much as you can and then teach the wisdom of what you have learned to others. A true researcher, you are happiest using your investigative skills.

You can be so identified with the information that you have gathered and the correct way of doing things that you feel exhausted and can appear to be a persnickety know it all.

478 and 451 are very different types of 4. The 478 is intensely individualistic and more assertive whereas the 451 is individualistic but much more introspective and reserved. The 478 is somewhat optimistic and focuses more on the need for inspiration than the 451. The 451 is more particular and is more motivated by gathering meaningful information that is useful.

514 is also anxious especially with the 6 wing.

(4)-5-1 – The Competent 4

4-(5)-1 – The Idealistic 5

4-5-(1) – The Withdrawn 1

Intellectual. May be involved in philosophy. They enjoy coming to understand themselves and their world.

5-1-4: Most particular Five, especially if SP. Tends to hesitate.

15-4 : Researcher -> trying to bring his own personal findings and explorations to the world

Calling all 145s… You have reported a strong need to be above criticism and to avoid the glare of judgment and scrutiny. You have also reported how difficult it is for you to express yourself especially if you feel emotional.

As a 415, you would need to carve a distinct image of being unique, appropriate and wise. The 3 together create a defense strategy that focuses on getting the information needed ‘to be correct’ to feel safe… No one wants to be wrong, but this Tritype tends to easily feel self-conscious and can be shy. So, the 145 researches to have something interesting to say and to be above criticism.

The 514 holds themselves to the same standards but does so more from a distance. When the 5 is dominant, information becomes even more of a defense strategy. Knowledge is power and a unique perspective with diligence creates a hardworking 5 that seeks creativity…often artistic endeavors are kept private…especially if self-pres. The sexual/one to one tends to secretly pine and the social finds small elite groups that she their interests… many do so one the internet as their are fewer entanglements.

The 415’s I know are most capable of intellectual circumspection with a twist of the romantic and mysterious. They seem to balance out the emotional realm with the intellectual, but sometimes my 415 friends can be overly critical and defiant of any thing that is stereotypical or oppressive that could impact their search for an ideal mate…Another thing about the 415s I know is they are very perfectionist, overly sensitive to any perceived stereotyping, and an academically-minded four, but they never quite feel self-satisfied or finished, sometimes falling into long states of procrastination…They have an amazing ability to dissect their own emotions rationally…

Think Frustration (1-4) meets Competence (1-5) meets Withdrawing (4-5)and you get a rather persnickety perfectionist who needs plenty of downtime. On the high side what they produce can be of unparalleled depth and beauty.

out of 458/459/451 I’d guess that both 459 and 451 would seem more 5-like (or, more accurately, be more likely to be mis-typed as 5) than 458.

451 is the most 5ish 4. Rational and scientific.

451 – knowledgeable and discerning 4. Most intellectual 4, especially if social subtyle of with a 5 wing. Likes to teach.

five with a one fix: focused, serious tone. critical outlook. theme of

sacrifice, dissolves wholly into their projects.

special interest in knowledge, skill, and discoveries

to improve health, society, the future, and the like.

concerned for others in the abstract; difficult to get

close to.

1-4-5 : a rather introverted and withdrawn One, more creative, original and abstract than most. Prefers the realm of imagination and has very high ideals and standards, especially in what concerns romantic relationships. They’re harder to get to know because they can be very reserved, moody and somewhat picky. They have artistic inclinations and can be quite whimsical and creative. Tend to feel overwhelmed by the real world and hide in their own perfect worlds of fantasy. Prone to bouts of existential depression.

usual subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 1w9

similar tritypes: 1-5-4, 4-1-5

flavours: solitary, melancholic, critical and whimsical

1-5-4 : a reserved, cerebral and fairly intuitive One, who has a preference for the realm of the thought and the abstract. They can be very theoretical and philosophical and like to be alone and ponder things for a long time. They have a developed imagination and a deep insight into the nature of things and people. Mainly isolationists, they have a tendency towards spareness and austerity and are generally economical and even avaritious. At times experience gloomy moods which they strangely enjoy.

usual subtypes: self-preserving, 1w9

similar tritypes: 1-4-5, 5-1-4

flavours: theoretical, philosophical, hoarding and insightful

5-4-1: these Fives are perhaps the most typical of this type’s usual description – they’re withdrawn, imaginative, ingenious, detail-oriented and sensitive. Very intelligent and creative but also somewhat capricious, fussy and impractical, they have explicit standards of intellectual ability and artistic taste and tend to reject and ridicule anything and anyone that doesn’t rise up to them. Typical isolationists who feel misunderstood by society, they hide in their ivory tower of ideas and ideals, abstractly reconstructing reality according to their own terms.

typical subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 5w4

similar tritypes: 4-5-1, 1-5-4

flavours: individualistic, elegant, inventive and nit-picking

5-1-4: these Fives stand out by being rather fussy – they’re pretentious and perfectionist and can be highly demanding of their environment. Idealistic and principled, these Fives can be very criticizing and rejecting of people and situations that do not meet their standards – many would call them fastidious. To a certain extent, they believe themselves to be superior and different from others – misunderstood but brilliant. Indeed their intellect, insightfulness and logical thinking, as well as their physical and emotional fragility contribute to an overly cerebral image.

typical subtypes: self-preserving, 5w4.



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