Compatibility of The 16 MBTI Personality

ENFJ/INFJ – Fantastic when similar values.

ENFP/INFP – Fantastic depending on personal and emotional development.
ENTP/INTJ – Great, but may have emotional clashes with INTJ and feel ENTP is annoyingly rational.
INTP – Great, but INTP may have difficulty expressing feelings.
ENTJ – Could work, depends on how emotionally evolved the ENTJ is. Could be too blunt.
ISFP – Could work, ISFP may be too spontaneous or changeable.
ISFJ – Could work, ISFJ may lack depth and be too tradition-oriented.
ESFP – Likely not the best idea, ESFPs may be too outgoing, too wild and lack depth.
ESFJ – Likely not the best idea, ESFJ may be too focused on status and surface or rules.
ISTP – Likely not the best idea, ISTP may be too factual and too wishy washy in terms of values.
ESTP – Likely a bad idea, ESTP may be too spontaneous, realistic and wild.
ISTJ – Likely a bad idea, ISTJ may be too detached and inside the box/uncreative.
ESTJ – Likely a bad idea – ESTJ may be too rule/norm-oriented, too strict, blunt and success-focused.