This is What i did before 2018 hit and made some extra $500 with Bee Keeping

Last year, one of the traditional bee hive set up looked like this: – 

Today, here is the outcome:

First month of 2018 is here, i have beeen quite off-online for a while now since i made the last blog update.
To achieve this kind of honey took like exactly 1 year, the above bee hive worth $10, had 3 tins of the honey.
We worked roughly a day to set up the bee hive, and then had to wait for the harvest time to reach.

Welcome to the first income report made from bee keeping.

If you are new to my blog, here’s quick info:
I own several Modern and traditional bee hives, all located in Kenya, Rift Valley Province.
One of my goal is to be a third generational bee keeper,
– provide shelter for bees which are getting extinct in the current century
– Have original honey available
My vison is always to live a wholesome lifestye, without any worrisome obstacle.
This is the first time i have disclosed the end year (2017) income, expenses and cashflow received from bee keeping.
Having installed the bee hives in phases here is the break down.

Phase 1, 20 bee hives: Initial cost: $200 – After first harvest = $ 500 – Profit = $300
Phase 2, 20 bee hives: Initial cost: $200 – No yet harvested
Phase 3, 20 bee hives: Initial cost: $200 – No yet harvested
Phase 4: 20 bee hives: Initial cost: $200 – No yet harvested
Phase 5: now in progress to come .. … ..

2017 Total Income: $300

Ah, cool story – i’m expecting every phase to shoot up, i mean each to give more than 100% return on investiment.

This first time, i did not hire anyone, most of the family members were very much willing to exprerience the journey with me.

Now done with phase 1, so looking forward to you all seeing phase 2.

Thank you, with love and gratitude.