8 Things Enneagram Type Fives Can Do to Help Themselves Grow

  1. Participate in body-based activity and learn to ground yourself.
  2. Allow yourself to experience your feelings in the here-and-now instead of detaching and
    retreating into your mind.
  3. Join a group which encourages self-disclosure, like gestalt therapy or oral tradition Enneagram
  4. Notice how secrecy and intellectual superiority create separation and withdrawing and
    withholding invite intrusion.
  5. Cultivate more here-and-now behavior, particularly allowing yourself luxuries.
  6. Notice how much you like to control your space/time/energy and manipulate others by
    restricting what and when you will give. Start to allow the control to drop.
  7. Find ways to engage in conversation, to express yourself, and to reveal personal matters.
  8. Take action, realizing that you have ample energy and support to carry it off.