Some Work and Life Values of Enneagram Type Fives

Work Values

Some of the work values important to Fives are (choose which ones apply to you):
• Complex problem solving
• Contributing ideas
• Creativity
• Goal achievement/career success
• Independence
• Innovation and originality
• Intellectual achievement and status
• Leadership (type 5 connects to type 8)
• Ongoing learning potential
• Seek knowledge and understanding
• Time/schedule flexibility
• Working alone

Universal Life Values

Which of the following universal life values are important to you?

• A loving, intimate partnership
• Aesthetics/beauty
• Career fulfillment/success
• Close family relationships
• Close friendships
• Faith/spiritual connection
• Financial security/comfort
• Good health/wellness
• Good physical fitness
• Inner peace
• Integrity/honesty
• Joy/happiness
• Ongoing learning potential
• Service/contribution
• Creativity/originality
• Time freedom/independence


Some Life Values of Fives

Some of the life values important to Fives are (choose which ones apply to you):

• Alone time
• Astuteness
• Autonomy
• Being forewarned and forearmed
• Cleverness
• Competence
• Confidentiality
• Craftsmanship
• Creativity
• Discernment
• Discovery
• Emotional self-control
• Exploration
• Fairness
• Foresight
• Forethought
• Freedom to pursue personal interests
• Healthy questioning/skepticism
• Impartiality
• Independence
• Ingenuity
• Inquisitiveness
• Insatiable curiosity
• Insightfulness
• Intellectual challenge
• Intellectual stimulation
• Intelligence
• Inventiveness
• Ironic, dry wit
• Judiciousness
• Keen observation
• Knowledge
• Life-long learning
• Live-and-let-live attitude
• Logical analysis
• Objectivity
• Open-mindedness
• Originality
• Perceptiveness
• Powers of concentration
• Predictability
• Privacy
• Problem solving ability
• Rationality
• Resourcefulness
• Sagacity
• Self-reliance
• Shrewdness
• Solitude
• Prudence
• Thrift
• Time to prepare
• Understanding
• Unemotional decision making
• Whimsical sense of humor
• Wisdom

As a Five, career satisfaction means doing work that…..

  1. Allows me to work autonomously but with periodic interaction with a few people whose
    expertise, intelligence, perceptiveness and competence I respect.
  2. Allows me to work with a boss who is bright, reasonable, respectful and lets me manage my
    own time and work environment without micromanaging me.
  3. Involves life-long learning and continually stimulates and challenges my mind.
  4. Draws on my ingenuity, expertise and knowledge.
  5. Is mentally challenging and lets me test out ideas and experiment with unconventional
    approaches to find the best solution to problems.
  6. Allows me to work in a quiet environment free from interpersonal conflict, intrusions,
    unnecessary interruptions, and especially emotional drama.
  7. Gives me the freedom to effect change and develop people and/or systems.
  8. Allows me to develop original and innovative solutions to complex problems that improve or
    revolutionize existing systems.
  9. Lets me set my own high standards of quality for my work rather than the personal likes and
    dislikes of others.
  10. Rewards me for my ingenious ideas and lets me maintain authorship and control over their
    implementation and execution.
  11. Provides me with new ways to increase/improve my proficiency, expertise and competence.
  12. Lets me focus on the intellectual and/or creative process rather than the end product.
  13. Allows me to have some say in how my performance will be evaluated and compensated.