The 7 Benefits Of Myers Briggs

The Benefits of Myers Briggs:
1.  Cost effective
Simple to apply
In depth interpretation
Designed to promote teamwork and leadership
Opens up possibilities for your organisation
The full Myers Briggs Type theory is applied

  1. Cost Effective
    Do you think that implementing a Myers Briggs approach in your organisation is too expensive?
    Assessing the Myers Briggs type (“MBTI”) for your staff in a team context is not only much less expensive, it also opens up the other benefits of MBTI for your organisation.
    The following slides show how:
  2. Simple to apply
    Experience shows that when MBTI is assessed in a team context it can really engender enthusiasm for it in a team and an organisation
    Members of the team help and support each other in understanding and applying the benefits
    The assessment process brings clarity
  3. In depth interpretation
    There is a wealth of personality detail that can be extracted once the MBTI of a person is known and appreciated
    The assessment process includes interpretation of the MBTI type of all the individuals as well as the team using a unique Excel program
  4. Designed to promote teamwork and leadership
    The process starts and ends with the team and teams that make up your organisation
    One day workshops on applying MBTI in teamwork and leadership can follow the assessment which really help apply the principles learned
    These days serve to advance the knowledge of MBTI of all the staff and help them see how team work can benefit and help them to discover leadership potential within themselves
  5. Opens up possibilities for your organisation!
    The correct application of MBTI is not to limit individuals but to open up possibilities for all types and for the organisations in which they work.
    The hypothetical scenario used in one leadership day became a reality for the organisation during the afternoon
    We intend to make that a regular occurrence for our clients
  6. The full Monty!
    We aim to get across the full interpretation and application of MBTI to Step 1
    Lots of organisations use watered-down and simplified personality profiling that can end up having the negative result of putting people in boxes
    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!