How do you easily identify your friend’s MBTI personality types

  1. ENFjs often have slim arms, legs and torso. They look rather slow and relaxed, especially among friends. However, there are ENFjs that are very nimble but they tend to suffer from a lack of co-ordination, giving the impression that they do it deliberately. ENFjs often have big, straight, sharp noses. Their eyes usually have a melancholy look about them and at the same time have that obsessed shine that shows a great emotional charge. – Socionics description of ENFj (The Actor) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  2. ISTps normally have a very characteristic passionless facial expression, indeed their whole appearance shows a lack of emotion which may be interpreted as calmness, mystery or inaccessibility. Some ISTps hide their lack of emotion behind the slightly artificial smile of a person who is seeking sensible pleasures. Their facial expressions often show scepticism or mistrust. Their faces are usually oval in shape and get more narrow towards the bottom, however more square faces are not rare. – Socionics description of ISTp (The Artisan) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  3. ESTps generally have either slim figures or firm and solid figures. Slim ESTps have slow and phlegmatic movements, giving the impression of calmness and self-confidence. Females often have a fragile appearance. Solid ESTps have free and flexible movements. When standing in one place they tend to wriggle rhythmically as if they have a slight electric current running through them. – Socionics description of ESTp (The Conqueror) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  4. ISTjs often have a very firm, solid figure, especially males. They keep their feet rooted to the ground giving the impression that they are sturdy and secure. Their heads are firmly fixed squarely to their shoulders and are practically immovable. Their necks appear to be inflexible so when they turn their head their shoulders usually follow. Their facial expressions are somewhat unemotional and show great concentration. – Socionics description of ISTj (The Pragmatist) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  5. ESFps usually have a smooth oval facial structure, which is mainly free of projections with the exception of the nose, which can be quite large. Their eyes normally show great alertness and seem to be constantly in motion. They seem to slide over people and objects creating the impression that ESFps are trying to better sense their surroundings. The eyes themselves are almost never deeply set. – Socionics Description of ESFp (The Ambassador) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  6. INFps – mainly have slim figures, however well-built INFps are not that uncommon. Their gait is usually graceful and full of poise as they like to project an image of self-worthiness. Their eyes vary from large to small, however if they are isolated a characteristic pattern emerges. Narrow eyes give the impression that the person is smiling whereas wider eyes convey a feeling of curiosity. – Socionics Description of INFp (The Romantic) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  7. INFjs have a very characteristic dispassionate facial expression. This is often reminiscent of the depiction of saints and martyrs from early Christian icons. Their faces convey the feeling that their soul is suffering even when it is not. INFjs faces are often perfect ovals but can be rectangular in shape as well. Their noses are usually straight and slightly elongated, but not prominent. – Socionics Description of INFj (The Empath) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  8. INTps often have a characteristic round-shouldered posture. Their necks are often not as well proportioned as other types and their heads seem to strain forwards. Their eyes have a sorrowful look about them as if they are about to be victimised in some way. Their noses are somewhat aquiline in shape which combined with often flattened cheekbones giving the false impression that their noses are large. – Socionics Description of INTp (The Observer) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  9. ENFps are normally either tall and often quiet even though they are extrovert or short and full figured. The latter are more movable and energetic and their gait is quick and erratic. ENFps often walk with their feet apart. Slim ENFps often have a crafty look in their eyes. Sometimes, when they are inactive, their faces can have an astonished look about them. – Socionics Description of ENFp (The Reporter) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  10. ENTjs often have full lips and a characteristic salesman like smile. Their bone structures normally give them their square shape figures. Their faces too are often square in shape and the facial structure itself often has many small details. Their eyes are constantly darting about rarely remaining on one object for any period of time. ENTjs typically tend to have a bouncing gait. The more hyperactive they are the more noticeable this becomes. – Socionics Description of ENTj (The Pioneer) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  11. ESTjs have a characteristic upright posture often appearing as if their backs are inflexible giving the impression that they are executing a military drill. In many cases ESTjs are slim. However, larger ESTjs are not exceptional, especially when applied to women. But even in these cases the figure retains its characteristic upright posture. – Socionics Description of ESTj (The Director) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  12. INTjs have a characteristic ascetic face. There are two reason for this. Firstly the facial structure itself is often reminiscent of ancient portraits because of its angularity and composition of the features, like cheekbone and eyebrow arcs. Secondly their facial expression is often accepted as emotionless and severe. Their face is usually pale or bloodless. Males often have a short haircut. – Socionics Description of INTj (The Analyst) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  13. ESFjs usually have a straight, upright posture and the body itself is often firm and slim. In fact it is rare to find an ESFj with a full figure, especially a male. Their figure can also be somewhat elongated. ESFjs have a wide range of facial expressions. When receiving logical information they react with a look of extreme concentration. ESFj’s facial details are usually fine but proportional. They like to tell stories emotionally and in details. Some preferred topics of conversations are movies, art and books. – Socionics Description of ESFj (The Enthusiast) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  14. ISFps often have a characteristic stout or chubby, rounded figure. They often have short legs and a bouncy gait, giving the impression of a big springy ball. Their faces are usually smooth and round without any obvious projections. In moments of passionate conversation they can often swallow air like a fish. When ISFps try to explain things, they can move their eyebrows considerably. – Socionics Description of ISFp (The Peacemaker) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  15. ENTps normally have a long, slim figure. Other parts of the body are also stretched, especially the legs and fingers. They often have rounded shoulders. Sometimes ENTps have a characteristic inwardly sloping chin. Because of their particular physical structure their clothes always seem to fit pretty badly, often slipping down and hanging off them in an unflattering manner. Their buttons also seem to have a habit of falling off. – Socionics Description of ENTp (The Inventor) – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily
  16. ISFjs often have a very characteristic facial expression that usually shows alertness and readiness to resist. Sometimes their regular facial expression may show dissatisfaction, a critical disposition or even anger. When ISFjs are thinking they may fix their eyes to an object or person for a long period. In these cases their eyes may show a look of bewilderment in reflection to the situation they are in. ISFjs can remain in the same position for a long – Socionics Description of ISFj (The Guardian)  – Boost your Insight Knowledge and get Inspired Daily