Heart and Defensive Points/Arrows for Enneagram type Nine

Type Nine with a Healthy Connection to Type Three: When Nines integrate the positive
aspects of type Three they become more self-confident, develop their own personal agenda and
prioritize on their own behalf. They work towards goals that are rewarding and meaningful to
them personally.

Rather than doing what a loved one suggests, going along with a loved one’s
agenda, falling into a job due to inertia, or taking the path of least resistance, integrating Nines
work at developing their potential and purposely pursue work that is exciting and interesting to
them. In short, they invest in their own self-development.

They are able to focus and
concentrate on their important tasks without getting distracted. They can be energetic,
productive and efficient with their time, like healthy Threes. They can be highly accomplished
and successful. They recognize their own innate value and no longer feel the inertia, heaviness or
sluggishness that they used to experience whenever they would tried to assert their will and do
something good for themselves.

They are able to take more control of their own lives and don’t
feel the need to live through others to be loved and accepted for themselves. They get in touch
with their own authentic feelings and experience love and strength emanating from their own

Type Nine with a Healthy Connection to Type Six:

When Nines integrate the positive aspects
of type Six they develop the courage to be themselves rather than hiding behind self-effacement
and pretending they aren’t that important.

They can be especially loyal, faithful and devoted to
loved ones. They highly value close, committed affiliations with family and friends. Rather than
ignoring problems and hoping they will go away on there own, healthy Nines become responsible,
dutiful, practical, realistic and hard working.

They can notice where something might go wrong
and will do everything in their power to prevent it, just like healthy Sixes. Sometimes Nines can
act on their own behalf against the will of others when they are afraid, like healthy Sixes. As
Nines learn to trust their own inner authority they develop more faith in themselves and become
more decisive and courageous.

This healthy connection can also cause Nines to become more
interested in committing themselves to goals that serve a higher purpose.

Type Nine with an Unhealthy Connection to Type Three:

When Nines deteriorate to the
negative aspects of type Three they can take on more than they can handle (usually trying to
please someone or win someone’s approval and love) and become stressed out easily. They
might try to impress people subtly. For example, they might casually mention someone very
famous who is “a buddy of theirs” in an attempt to associate their worth with the famous person’s
worth. Or, they might fish for compliments by dropping hints about how well they did on their
last midterm exam or how their boss called them into their office today for a special visit.

They can also take on a false-image that they know is not them but because they are getting attention
and praise for their false-image they keep up the pretense. While they might outwardly take
pleasure in their mistaken identity, inwardly they feel even more unworthy of love because they
know they are a complete phony and fake.

Some Nines with this connection can have a sense of
entitlement as if they are somehow special. Some Nines can be hard working, hyperactive and
super busy like Threes but still feel basically lifeless inside and asleep to their own vital nature,
like they are just going through the motions but without their heart being involved.

Type Nine with an Unhealthy Connection to Type Six:

When Nines deteriorate to the
negative aspects of type Six they can panic and worry when they feel overwhelmed with too
much to do or anticipate worst-case scenarios. They can dread that others will be angry at their
failure to get everything accomplished (and sometimes anything accomplished when struck by
procrastination) and they fear having to face the music.

Having to meet deadlines and oppose
people are two of a Nine’s biggest stressors. They can have an anxious, agitated, nervous quality
about them as they frequently doubt themselves. Nines can fear consequences and worry
obsessively about worst-case scenarios. Nines have a tendency to let others make decisions for
them but then blame others if they didn’t like the decision or felt taken advantage of by the
decision. They also have a tendency to blame themselves for their own inaction and inertia.
They can question others’ motives.

They can seek security and guidance too much from others
rather than from inside themselves. They can need constant reassurance from their partner that
the relationship is still going well. They can get defensive, suspicious and self-protective. They can become dependent on their partner and will stick with a very unfulfilling relationship out of
misguided loyalty and fear of change.