Enneagram Type #9 Social Subtype

Can resemble 7s because they can be very busy, constantly on the go, energetic, optimistic and
frequently scattered.


• They are usually quite energetic and like to stay active
• They like to get involved in groups that further social causes
• Group involvement helps social 9s to structure the use of their time better
• The positive energy of group involvement invigorates and enlivens them
• They enjoy bringing people together and being part of what’s going on
• They avoid participating in group conflicts if at all possible


• Inner tension between wanting to fully participate in a group vs. not wanting the
responsibility of fully participating
• They don’t like having too many expectations or duties placed on them by the group
• Often will stay on the periphery or the fringe of group involvement so they don’t have to
fully commit
• Can sometimes be indecisive about whether they want to belong to a group or not
• Can be stubborn and/or withdrawn, especially if someone is being demanding, bossy or
• Can zone out mentally and disengage emotionally while still remaining physically
• Can be fairly conventional and conforming; many don’t like to go beyond the limits
• Fearful of losing their identity and becoming just like everybody else; they desire to be
something bigger
• Can have difficulty saying no because they like to please and want to belong/fit in (unless
they have a strong 8 wing. Then they can say no)
• Can have trouble setting their own goals and following through with their innermost
• At worst, can become resigned, emotionally dead yet needy, depressed, angry and socially