8 Things Enneagram type Nines Can Do to Help Themselves Grow

#1. Start a daily practice of previewing (at the beginning of the day) what is important to you and
reviewing (at the end of the day) how well you did with this practice.

#2. Use your frustration/anger when you feel discounted by someone to remind yourself that what
you have to say really does matter. Take a personal position on issues that are important to

#3. Notice feelings you may be blocking out when you turn from your real priorities to substitutes,
such as TV, food, errands, or chores.

#4. Notice when you get distracted or obsessive, what the accompanying feelings were/are, and
start to let yourself feel them through.

#5. Avoid belittling yourself and making others more important or more intelligent.

#6. Decide on goals, make action plans with clear time frames, and enlist support in sticking to
them. Notice when your prolonged ruminating keeps you from setting priorities and taking
action on them.

#7. Notice your stubbornness and passive resistance, and start to state what you need directly or
what you disagree with.

#8. Accept some discomfort and change as a natural part of life