Careers That Especially Interest Enneagram type Nines

Careers That Especially Interest Nines

Enneagram Nines, like Sixes, probably have the greatest diversity of careers of any type.
Enneagram Nines can be found in many different occupations but there are certain occupations
that they are drawn to because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of
Healthy Nines are patient, understanding, compassionate and insightful. They are also
positive, supportive, accepting and reassuring. With these innate characteristics many
of them are found in education, counseling, coaching and child care where they have an
opportunity to help people grow and develop as well as improve the quality of their
• Adult literary specialist
• Child care worker
• Clinical psychologist
• College professor (see Teachers of all
kinds for specialization areas)
• Counselor (especially career, employee
assistance, child welfare, substance
abuse, or behavioral disorder)
• Educational consultant
• Genealogist (a family tree researcher)
• Grant coordinator
• Guidance counselor
• Health educator
• Instructional coordinator
• Librarian
• Life coach
• Philanthropic consultant
• Planned-giving officer
• Psychiatrist
• Public health educator
• Researcher
• School psychologist
• Social scientist
• Social worker
• Teachers of all kinds (especially art,
drama, music, English, humanities,
foreign languages, social studies,
special education or early childhood
• Translator/interpreter

Nines are considered master mediators and diplomats because they are excellent
listeners and so good at seeing everyone else’s point of view objectively. The 14th Dalai Lama is an excellent example of a world renowned peacemaker and spiritual leader who, not surprisingly, happens to be a Nine (my speculation).
• Ambassador
• Arbitrator/Arbiter
• Cultural attaché
• Delegate
• Diplomat
• Judge
• Mediator/moderator
• Military attaché
• Negotiator
• Peacemaker
• Referee
• Umpire
Peace of mind is very important to all Nines. For this reason they are naturally drawn
to jobs where there is peace and quiet and no stress, no competition, no interpersonal
rivalry/conflict, etc. Not surprisingly, occupations in and about nature attract Nines in
• Archaeologist
• Beekeeper
• Botanist
• Ecologist
• Entomologist
• Farmer
• Florist
• Forest ranger
• Gardener
• Geologist
• Horticulturist
• Landscape architect
• Landscaper
• Marine biologist
• Natural scientist
• Naturalist
• Nature guide
• Park ranger
• Vintner
• Wildlife biologist

Nines enjoy helping people so are often attracted to health and healing professions that give them the opportunity to work closely and intimately with clients. Some Nines enjoy alternative medicine occupations in keeping with their spiritual nature and some even have natural healing powers. Some of these occupations also give Nines the opportunity to work in a peaceful, relaxing environment, which they love.

• Alternative medicine practitioner
• Anesthesiologist
• Aroma therapist
• Art therapist
• Bach flower healer
• Chiropractor
• Dance therapist
• Dental assistant/hygienist
• Dietitian/nutritionist
• Drama therapist
• EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom
• Energy healer (such as Reiki)
• Gynecologist
• Herbalist
• Holistic health practitioner
• Home health social worker
• Magnet therapist
• Manual arts therapist
• Massage therapist
• Music therapist
• Nurse
• Occupational therapist
• Optometrist
• Pediatrician
• Personal fitness trainer
• Pharmacist
• Physical therapist
• Primary care physician
• Pilates instructor
• Qigong instructor
• Radiologic technician
• Recreational therapist
• Reflexologist
• Respiratory therapist
• Rolfer (Rolfing practitioner)
• Speech-language audiologist
• Speech-language pathologist
• Tai Chi instructor
• Yoga instructorNines are imaginative and many of them are creative, expressive and/or artistic too.
These Nines strive to give authentic expression to their inner voice and can be found in
fields such as entertainment, communications, media, arts and design (some have the
soul of a poet, idealist, dreamer, artist and romantic).
• Actor
• Advertising creative director
• Architect
• Art director
• Audiovisual specialist
• Columnist
• Composer
• Creative director, multimedia team
• Designers of all kinds (especially set,
costume, wardrobe, fashion)
• Desktop publisher
• Editor
• Entertainer
• Film editor/producer
• Fine artist
• Graphic artist
• Informational-graphics designer
• Interior decorator/designer
• Jeweler
• Journalist
• Landscape designer
• Literary agent
• Multimedia producer
• Multimedia specialist
• Musician
• Photographer
• Translator
• Visual artist (especially painter,
sculptor, illustrator, animator)
• Web designer
• Writers of all kinds (especially
playwright, screenwriter, novelist,
biographer, or poet)

Some Nines are excellent at nonverbal communication and are highly attuned to
animals and the environment (which they care about protecting!).
• Animal breeder
• Animal caretaker
• Animal groomer
• Animal trainer
• Dog sitter
• Environmentalist
• Ethologist
• Pet store owner/worker
• Veterinarian
• Veterinarian tech.
• Zoo keeper
• Zoologist

Because of their profound intuition, deeply held values, innate sense of connection with
others and the environment, and their interest in world peace/harmony, many Nines
are religious and/or spiritual (someone who is spiritual is not necessarily also religious
but someone who is religious is obviously spiritual). Some of these Nines are drawn to
occupations of a spiritual nature.
• Church worker
• Meditation teacher
• Minister/priest/religious leader
• Missionary
• Monk/nun
• Pastoral counselor
• Religious educator
• Spiritual teacher
Some Nines are attracted to occupations in cosmetology because they provide a
service, provide for interpersonal communication and are relatively low stress jobs.
Many of these jobs also pay well and can be done part-time. This suits Nines to a tee
since they like time alone to spend in nature or work on their creative projects quietly.
• Electrologist
• Esthetician
• Hair stylist
• Manicurist/pedicurist
• Nail technician
• Shampoo technician

Some Nines enjoy business, human resources, sales or marketing occupations where
they can put to use their intuitive understanding of human motivation, acceptance of
people and excellent interpersonal skills.
• Conference programmer
• Consultant (especially for team
building, diversity, or conflict
• Corporate/team trainer
• Diversity manager
• Employment development specialist
• Employment interviewer
• Human resources development trainer
• Human resources director
• Human resources diversity manager
• Industrial-organizational psychologist
• Labor relations specialist
• Marketing specialist
• Organizational development specialist
• Outplacement consultant
• Public relations specialist
• Publicity writer
• Salesperson
• Strategic partnership developer
Many Nines like familiarity, comforting routines and predictability in their job. They are
very content to work in a structured environment that is not too fast-paced and
relatively stress and tension free. Many Nines are really laid-back and just enjoy an
easygoing lifestyle (please note that not all Nines are really laid-back, especially if they
have a strong connection to their type 3 arrow or have a strong 8 wing).
• Antique dealer
• Bank teller
• Cashier
• Civil servant/government employee
• Customer service representative
• Dental assistant
• Museum/gallery curator
• Museum worker
• Receptionist/secretary
• Teacher’s aide
• Theme park/amusement park worker
• Ticket and tour reservationist

Nines are optimistic and fun-loving. They also like helping and interacting with people
in industries such as hospitality, real estate and travel.
• Concierge
• Cook/chef
• Flight attendant
• Real estate agent
• Restaurant host/hostess
• Restaurant waiter/waitress
• Tour and travel coordinator
• Travel agent.

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