Some work and Life Values of Enneagram type Nines

Work Values

**Some of the work values important to Nines are (choose which ones apply to you):
• Aesthetics and beauty
• Clear directions
• Close friendships with coworkers
• Close group/team work
• Contribution (to betterment of world)
• Creativity and originality
• Help others directly
• Meaningful work
• Open communication
• Peaceful and harmonious environment
• Positively influencing people’s lives
• Predictability
• Security and stability
• Sense of mission
• Sociability
• Time/schedule flexibility

Universal Life Values

Which of the following universal life values are important to you?

• A loving, intimate partnership
• Aesthetics/beauty
• Career fulfillment/success
• Close family relationships
• Close friendships
• Faith/spiritual connection
• Financial security/comfort
• Good health/wellness
• Good physical fitness
• Inner peace
• Integrity/honesty
• Joy/happiness
• Ongoing learning potential
• Service/contribution
• Creativity/originality
• Time freedom/independence

Some Life Values of Nines

Some of the life values important to Nines are (choose which ones apply to you):

• Acceptance of what is
• Adaptability
• Being understanding
• Calmness
• Comfortable routines
• Companionship
• Conviviality
• Cooperation
• Diplomacy
• Dislike of conflict
• Emotional well-being
• Empathy
• Feeling connected
• Finding unity
• Following traditional values
• Friendship
• Generosity
• Gentleness
• Guilelessness
• Harmony in the environment
• Having inner harmony
• Having inner stability
• Humbleness
• Imagination
• Inclusiveness
• Kindness
• Live-and-let-live attitude
• Loyalty
• Mellowness
• Open-mindedness
• Optimism
• Patience
• Peace of mind
• Receptivity
• Relationship
• Relaxation
• Security and stability
• Seeing others’ viewpoints
• Self-awareness
• Serenity
• Steadfastness
• Supportiveness
• Unself-consciousness
• Unselfishness

As a Nine, career satisfaction means doing work that…..

  1. Allows me to work with other creative, considerate, accepting people in a cooperative, stressfree
    environment with no interpersonal conflict, tension or strife.
  2. Allows me to work with a boss (if not self-employed) who is supportive, patient,
    understanding, easy to get along with, and shows sincere appreciation for my work.
  3. Makes use of my natural ability to communicate with and relate to anyone with relative ease.
  4. Provides some structure and organization to my day so that I don’t end up getting distracted,
    daydreaming too much, or wasting my time being unproductive.
  5. Creates more peace, harmony and unity in the world.
  6. Makes use of my nonjudgmental listening skills and ability to understand other people from
    their point of view.
  7. Supports and benefits other people but gives me a clear sense of what will be expected of me
    (so that I don’t end up getting sucked into doing more than I really want to do).
  8. Allows me time to do good work at my own pace without compelling me to make
    instantaneous decisions or work under pressure to tight deadlines.
  9. Makes use of my ability to mediate conflicts, put people at ease and gain others’ trust.
  10. Allows me to use my powerful imagination and natural ability to think holistically.
  11. Makes use of my innate ability to see the positive in a situation, in people and in life.