Enneagram Type #8 Social Subtype

Can resemble Counterphobic Social 6s at times
• Once friends have proven themselves trustworthy, they are considered part of the 8’s
inner circle
• Enjoy letting loose, having a good time and hosting lavish social events for their friends
• Are extremely loyal to and protective of people they care about
• Stand by their true friends through thick and thin; will come to their defense in times of
• Once they create powerful bonds of camaraderie with close friends they can let their true
feelings show
• Often protect the weaker/downtrodden/disadvantaged members of society, especially when
they’re being taken advantage of, and try to empower them to be more self-reliant,
confident and courageous
• Stand up for what they believe in and fight for truth, fairness and justice
• They have great self-respect; if they are ever betrayed they will cut that person out of
their life
• Are sociable, generous, friendly and extremely honorable with those they love
• Are often talkative and enjoy a good debate, especially about politics, the economy, sports
or leadership

• Extremely sensitive to rejection, disrespect and betrayal
• Have a lust for power and quickly notice who else has power when they are among a
group of people
• Like to be the center of attention, the head honcho, the big cheese
• Test limits and boundaries with their friends initially to see if they are loyal, honorable and
• Won’t let their guard down until they feel safe to do so, when they really trust and respect
• Black and white thinking can cause social 8s to hold grudges against people for small
• Fearing betrayal, social 8s can cast aside a friend for even minor transgressions or
• Their lust for life makes them prone to excess – late nights, heavy entertaining, drinking,
eating, etc.
• As they become less healthy they can become scheming swindlers, full of hot air and
empty promises
• At worst, they can become selfish, anti-social, recklessly impulsive, short-tempered and