Enneagram Type Eight’s Subtype Descriptions

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Type #8 Self-Preservation Subtype

Self-preservation 8s often report having a strong connection to their type 5 arrow because they
like their independence, they’re private, they’re observant, they like being at home (especially 8s
with a 9 wing) and they don’t like intrusions on their space
Tend to be the most domestic, practical and materialistic of the three type 8 subtypes
• They’re very protective – of themselves, their loved ones, their possessions, their friends,
others in need
• Excellent material providers for their family and themselves; can be generous and bighearted
• Maintain order and comfort for everyone in their home

• Keep their house well stocked with food, emergency supplies and creature comforts
• Can be territorial about their possessions and get bent out of sorts if someone moves
something of theirs
• Like to have order in their life and get upset when their familiar surroundings get disrupted
or disordered
• Their fear of material deprivation can cause a preoccupation with wanting comfort,
especially at home
• Can see life as a struggle; may believe only the strong survive; can be hard-hearted, antisocial
• Are often workaholics because independence and security are extremely important to them
• Want money and power to be able to insure their own well being and that of loved ones
• Need to be in control of their immediate environment and all resources
• Can be hard on their kids (if they have them) to toughen them up for the real world
• Can be materialistic and use money as bartering chips for power and control
• Need lots of privacy and their own space
• Like self-preservation 3s, some 8s like the symbols of success – fancy car, nice big house,
• At worst, they can be intimidating bullies, threatening thieves and uncaring